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'Literature and Arts' is a sub-discipline of study of English which focuses on not only literature and art throughout the course of history, but also the social history and philosophy of their respective eras. This subject is often taught in many universities as it examines the importance of the creative and intellectual outputs of people in the past. By studying the context in which creativity has emerged in the modern world, we may gain some insight into thwe multi-faceted image of the past, and perhaps ideas for the present and future too. In this light, poetry and artwork from the past is not only a product of its time, but also a means for development of the collective ideas of individuals and societies.

William Blake often illustrated his own poems, mixing the mediums of literature and art.

Courses which explore literature and art do not only focus on the descriptive history of these topics, but also often apply modern analysis techniques to interpret the prose, poetry and artwork. A particular concern in this field of study is making connections between literature and art, as well as various individual pieces of each to give a more holistic approach to interpretation. Such studies are not isolated to the classroom either, but can, and should, extend into museums and exhibits, where the actual pieces of artwork are on display.

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Prose refers to a form of language which uses not only a grammatical structure but also a natural flow of speech.


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Poetry refers to a form of literary work which uses style and rhythm to emphasize the expression of feelings and ideas.

Plays, Film, and Media

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Dramatic arts refers to a form of fictional art represented in a performance.

Three Strikes Laws

i need a good abstract and a good title about three-strikes sentencing laws. Also can you highlight some power points on this reflection paper. The fact that the criminal justice system has proven to be a racially unjust system that issues "justice" unequally while targeting historically marginalized groups that have been dis

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Need help writing a short story draft for the story posted in the thesis below. In Ambrose Bierce's "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," the theme of war's grim realities is carefully facilitated through characterization, setting, and irony. The assignment instructions are: -This Essay will be a Five Paragraph Essa

Narration impacts

Using the story "Recitatif" by Toni Morrison, this posting briefly explain why the point of view is important to the story. It also cites if the narrator is reliable and defends if the reader can trust this version of the story. Why may that aspect be important for the reader?

Flashback technique

Using the short story "A Pair of Tickets" by Amy Tan, how do the flashbacks help Jing-mei to understand her mother better? Does this help her embrace her Chinese heritage? If so, how?

Helpful Devices in Literature Comprehension

Are you one of the many students who feel completely lost when reading through classic literature? Are you even more baffled when asked to comprehend, and then interpret, it? One key is understanding literary devices: how they work, why they are used, and what they are intended to accomplish. Allow the following to guide not

Literary Trauma

With regard to any specific aspect of Akiko's experience at the Japanese "recreation center" camp, how would using that trauma as a literary subject put the memory of the event in danger of becoming normalized? Is the depiction of this event discrediting the experience? Is it memorializing the event or normalizing it? How would

Trances in book plot

During the trances when "the spirits claimed" Akiko, what are some of her specific behaviors that reflect how trauma in storytelling may or may not discredit the experience the character is going through? Did the event of the trance memorialize or normalize the trauma? How does the understanding of these scenes in the novel chan

Comfort Woman by Nora Okja Keller

How does using trauma as a literary subject put the memory of the event in danger of becoming normalized? Is using trauma in storytelling discrediting the experiences? Does Comfort Woman memorialize the events or normalize them?

"Under Western Eyes" by Chandra Mohanty is briefly explicated.

These points are assessed: 1. What are the main points and arguments of the paper that Mohanty is arguing? 2. What other arguments is this article responding to? 3. What is Mohanty's mode of analysis, what methodology does she use to make her argument? 4. How does Mohanty's article achieve effectiveness for the point she i

Fahrenheit 451: The Society

Please help answer the following questions. Include references in the solution. The following book presents a look at a society in a "bleak, dystopian future." What, according to Bradbury, has gone wrong with this society? In what ways is this society like our own?

Grimm, Collodi, Carroll

By using the classic tales of Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, the Brothers Grimm's Cinderella, and Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio, examine the theme of transformation to link them from one story to another.

Comparing Couples from Midsummer Night's Dream

Hello, I have read a Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare and need help in describing the similarities and differences in Lysander & Hermia and Demetrius & Helena's relationship. What do the two couples have in common and how are they different?

The "Cliff's Notes" for essays

What is required in an essay? How can an essay's quality be ensured? What makes the best possible essay on any given topic? What are some examples of pieces of an essay? What type of essay is appropriate for a given subject area?

Main Themes in George Eliot's Novels

This entry explains how the characters in Ms. George Eliot's Middlemarch mirror others in the novels Silas Marner, and Mill on the Floss, which she also wrote. Understanding of this entry requires a student to already have some background on Silas Marner and Mill on the Floss. It was specifically written for students who are hol

Renaissance in Othello: Challenge and Assertion of Humanity

I am composing a rather lengthy article on Othello and how renaissance ideals apply to the story. I need research notes, etc. that highlights: 1 - How does the story relate to renaissance ideals? 2 - How does Shakespeare make the reader sympathetic to the main characters? 3- How does Shakespeare suggest the character can c

Nature in Pre-civil war American Literature

In the early works of the course, we see Nature presented in multiple ways. The elements, animals, and nature are mentioned by the Iroquois as they outline their political process; "nature" has a very different meaning to Jonathan Edwards—a Puritan discussing philosophical and religious living— in A Divine and Supernatural L

Discuss the themes that are evident in Eugene O'Neill's "The Hairy Ape."

The subject of identity comes up quite often in Eugene O'Neill's "The Hairy Ape". Although many other pressing social issues are brought to the forefront, such as race, gender, and class bias, the subject of identity seems to be the easiest to analyze and support when writing a paper on this particular play. This excerpt will he

Homer and Dante

Although nearly two thousand years separate The Odyssey and Dante's Inferno, both works are epic poems that: Explore the theme of good versus evil. Caution audiences about the appeal of temptation. Contemplate the nature of immortality. Compare and contrast how these topics are developed in The Odyssey and Dante's Inferno.

Literary Analysis on Antigone.

Antigone clearly scrutinizes the cultural institution of gender, for the play's debate about the nature of justice and good governance hinges on Antigone's defiance of the king, making the play one of only a few ancient Greek dramas that put a woman center stage (apologies for the bad pun!). Moreover, there are important moments

study questions for Little Women

This solution offers several study questions which deal with Part Two of Alcott's novel. These questions cover details and ideas explored in chapters twenty-four through forty-seven.

marriage compare to those that were being enforced by the church

This entry highlights several themes that can be found in Milton's Doctrine of Discipline and Divorce. Love and happiness are at the heart of this literary masterpiece, and Milton isn't shy about expressing his views. For him, free will should be the beginning and the end of all things religious.

Hamlet's themes of appearances vs. reality

One of the major themes of the play might be described as "appearances vs. reality." In other words, the young prince Hamlet's discovery about his father's death has shaken the foundations of his being. He always believed that he could trust his senses and felt confident that things were what they appeared to be. Now he wonde

APA Citation Example with no Author

My university ask me to link onto this pdf to read a brief essay with no date an no author, however within this essay the university has their name in a few of the paragraphs. My university endorses the scholar-practitioner model, so they have included their name at the beginning of few paragraphs. What is the correct APA way to

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (outline)

I'm writing a paper on A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (persuasive essay) I need help in outlining the important theme I started with this question: What aspects do Dave (the narrator) missing in his childhood? How my thesis would be? Teacher instruction: The thesis must comprise a DEBATABLE, INTERPRETIVE cla

Proper etiquette for expressing thanks

I recently graduated from college. I mailed out my graduation invitations to family and friends. A few family members and friends who received my invitations were not able to attend my upcoming graduation ceremony. Instead, they were nice enough to call me and send me a "generous sum of money" as well as wishing me congratulatio

King Lear's Disorder

By the end of Act I in King Lear, everything is well on its way to serious disorder. 1. What is the basis of this disorder? 2. What is Shakespeare's purpose in disorder? 3. What do you think the play seems to imply about politics, feudalism, and power in England? 4. What does the play imply about family dynamics? 5

The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

http://robinlea.com/pub/wife-hat.pdf The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, by Oliver Sacks Sacks Chapter Two: The Lost Mariner How does Sacks see the relationship between memory and life? How does Sacks see the connection in Jimmie G.? What central feature of all humans is Sacks worried that Jimmie lacks? Why is Sacks so

Milton's Paradise Lost

John Milton challenges the common belief that chaos and Satan are purely evil entities, and asks readers to consider whether God is capable of possessing evil himself. This entry discusses the common themes that are often seen in Milton's writing, and adds valid comparisons of his theories to the Christian bible.