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    current or former leaders

    Please write about one of your current or former leaders. Please analyze, using background materials, leadership styles and her/his way of fulfilling functions of management. Key concepts to be addressed are: Did he/she empower their employees? Was he/she authoritarian? Was the leader transformational or transactional,

    Avoiding plot summary, with Pride and Prejudice

    The paragraph below is an excellent example of poor argumentation due to plot summary. The writer refers to several events in the novel without explaining how they fit into the main point of the paragraph. As a result, the main point of the paragraph is very weak. The solution to this problem will explain how to take this pa

    Wuthering Heights Personality/Character Trait Changes

    1) What are Heathcliff's main character traits and how are they evident throughout the novel? How do they change? 2) What personality/character trait changes does Heathcliff go through throughout the novel? 3) What effect do other characters have on Heathcliff and the changes his personality undergoes?

    Singular Possessives, Plural Possessives, Irregular Plurals

    Plural Possessive Paraphernalia Write each sentence in the way requested for each section. Section One: Singular possession. Write each word in a sentence in the singular possessive case: man: woman: child: sheriff: estimate: object: mortal: affectation: pain: advocate: Section Two: Plural possession: Look again

    Character analysis of Gabriel from James Joyce's The Dead.

    Analyze the character of Gabriel as an inhabitant of the modern wasteland as it is depicted in "the Dead" by James Joyce. You may want to use portions of Eiot's poem "The Wasteland", Part I, to establish some basic characteristics. Note especially the following themes in the story as they affect Gabriel: the failure of communi

    T.S. Eliot's Prelude through the lens of Modernism.

    In T.S. Eiot's "Preludes", based on the scenes and dialogue in these poems what is the vision of the modern world as you find it (ie, the modern world and modernism as we have defined it, not your own modern or contemporary world)? Don't try to analyze all the poems; instead, make some pointed observations on the world depicted

    Martin Luther King's assassination

    Think about an event in your personal history, or an event in world history, that you would like to personally enter and revise. You are to enter this event and show us what you would change.

    How to Not Write a Literary Analysis.

    Here is an example from a student who has written a poorly constructed literary analysis. Look closely at the professor's comments in the margin and you will see what the student needs to do to turn this example from a "D" essay to an "A" essay. The responses/comments are intended to show you how your professor will respond to t

    A good topic sentence is described.

    Describe the blending of two languages in your daily life. You can discuss the language of two cultures or countries (like English and Creole, or English and Portuguese), or of two parts of your life ( like the formal language you use at work and the informal language you use at home). Give several specific examples of each lang

    Analyze symbolism in John Steinbeck's "Chrysanthemums"

    This week's literary club meeting discussion was supposed to be about John Steinbeck's "Chrysanthemums,� but it was cancelled due to bad weather. Choose 1 of the following statements as your thesis: How does Steinbeck use symbols in the story to convey meaning? Can the description of the peddlerbe a warning to the ma

    Poetic imagery is exemplified.

    At your last literary club meeting, you are discussing how imagery assists poets in presenting their narratives (stories) and themes. Using all that you have learned thus far, complete the following: Eleanor Rigbyâ? by John Lennon (pg. 530) · â??The Weary Blues â?? by Langston Hughes (pg. 697)· · â??Swan and Shado

    Character Analysis: Connie, in "Where Are Going, Where Have You Been?

    In this week's literary club, you will discuss Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates. The discussion questions have been provided in advance to get you thinking while you read. Describe the main character in Where Are Going, Where Have You Been? Is she flat or round? Is she representative or indivi

    character development from a recent movie

    For your literary club this week, no particular written work was chosen. Instead, the group wants to discuss the evidence of character development for each person's favorite character from a prose or dramatic work. Prepare an analysis of a fictional character from a movie. Include descriptions and cited examples for each

    Symbolism is clearly identified in Cheever's "The Swimmer."

    This week's literary club plans to discuss symbolism in John Cheeverâ??s â??The Swimmer.â? Explain what you think the following symbolize in this story: The Pool The Highway The Character, Needy List and explain 2â?"3 other symbols you think are important to the outcome of the story. Explain why there may be differ

    Creating a Character

    As literary enthusiasts and critics, each member of the literary club is also a writer. This week, members are working on development of a new character and plan to share it with the group. Create a new character who is fictional (imagine by you). is not an existing character in literature, movies, or television. Narrate a

    Tennyson's Ulysses versus Homer's Odysseus

    - I need two or three sentences short summary - how does this Ulysses differ in character from Odysseus we've come to know in Homer's epic? - What is the tone that Ulysses takes toward his subject?

    Homer and the Gods of the Iliad: Belief or Impiety?

    Later civilizations disapproved of Homer because "he told lies about the gods." Look in Book 21 for some of these "lies." List and describe several of them in detail as they are presented by Homer. Do you think Homer actually believed in gods such as he sang about? If so, do you think he was being impious to his gods? Why or why

    The Excellence of Achilles and Agamemnon in the Iliad

    Achilles and Agamemnon are the two great men in the Iliad, yet they behave in ways that are destructive to their men. The question is to look for the excellence of each man. What qualities and/or examples and explain why they contribute to his excellence.

    Understanding how to evaluate and analyze and create character.

    Prepare an analysis of a fictional character from a novel, movie, or television series. Include descriptions and cited examples for each of the following methods for characters development: the actions taken by characters used to reveal their natures the author's descriptions or playwright's scene to inform the reader abo

    Toni Morison and Contemporary America Literature

    Provide a discussion in which you discuss what role American literature should play in the 21st century. What should American literature be, and what should American literature do? Make sense of what American literature is now. Take into account how contemporary literature already responds to social trends and existing litera

    Descriptive discussion about Aristophanes' Lysistrata

    Lysistrata The play of Lysistrata written by Aristophanes takes place during the Peleponnesian War in the twelfth year of the struggle. The conflict which is the central plot of the play begins in the spring when Thebes, a Spartan ally, attacked Plataea, an ally of Athens. The war fell into three phases: First came ten years

    the company's marketing agenda

    Analyze two different ad campaigns for the same product as well as two campaigns for a similar, competing product. Your mission is to find the common ideology that links each of these sets of marketing campaigns together and make an argument about the company's marketing agenda (beyond the obvious one to sell a product). Do th