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Pagan Night extension

Braverman, "Pagan Night" Write an alternate ending for this story. You can add to the ending or replace this ending with one of your own. Try to stay true to the story itself while making one or two changes in one of the elements of short stories (plot, structure, point of view, characters, setting, imagery, or language) and

Pagan Night

1. Read "Pagan Night" and brainstorm a list of 10 conflicts you notice. Include internal and external conflicts. 2. After completing your list, freewrite for five minutes about one or two of the conflicts. Your freewrite should look like brainstorming--fast, creative, stream-of-consciousness, herky-jerky and then fluid, etc. It

Allende's story and Chilean miners comparison

What the main points related to compare and contrast between"And of Clay Are We Created " story by Isabel Allende" and the recent Chilean mine crisis and indicating the themes with supporting quotes?

Soundtrack for Outsiders is rationalized.

Select 10 school appropriate songs you believe explain the plot, characters, conflicts, setting, etc. Provide the name of the song, artist, and a small explanation of why each song belongs in your list.

Sachs' "A Dead Child Speaks"

-Explore the speaker in the poem (not the poet) by studying the language the speaker uses and his or her apparent moods and motivations. What facts do you know about the speaker from the poems? What facts can you infer from the poem? What reasonable guesses can you make about the speaker's sex, age, ethnicity, education, family

The Glass Menagerie is brainstormed.

Imagine yourself directing a production of The Glass Menagerie. List the answers to these questions in the forum. ? Who would you cast in the roles of the mother and daughter? Why? ? What would the scenery look like? ? Would there be music? What music? Think about the conflicts in The Glass Menagerie. Answer the followi

Animal Farm by George Orwell- An in depth look into the background, reasons for writing Animal farm, Point of Animal Farm, Propaganda used and the Symbolism throughout the book.

A look into the who, what, how and why of Animal Farm. This solutions explores the reasons George Orwell could have written Animal Farm and the influences surrounding him. Furthermore with propaganda surrounding George in the physical world he transformed that into various forms of propaganda and symbolism throughout the book.

Topic Outline - Addiction to Medications

Topic Sentence Outline - Addiction to Prescription Medications including Reference page Draft of the Topic Sentence Outline Revised and Finalized Topic Sentence Outline Reference List of five sources in correct APA style format TOPIC FOR OUTLINE IS ADDICTION TO PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS Pointing the Trigger Finger:

Legalization of Marijuana

The essay topic is legalization of marijuana i need ideas and help in orgainzing ideas i have already come up with three support statement which are it causes 1. automobile accients 2. have dramatic effects on future generations 3.Marijuana contributes to violence in the society my thesis statement is : in order to ave

Paine's Common Sense

The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. Many circumstances have, and will, arise which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all lovers of mankind are affected, and in the event of which their affections are interested. Consider what you know of the Enlightenment and in

Franklin's Autobiography

Early in his Autobiography, Franklin praises some of his fatherâ??s qualities: â??He had a mechanical Genius too, and on occasion was very handy in the Use of other Tradesmenâ??s Tools. But his great Excellence lay in a sound Understanding, and solid Judgment in prudential Matters, bit in private and public Affairsâ?¦I reme

Writing process for Gun Control

After thinking about your topic and the writing process for this course, write a short narrative that explains your process of writing and editing your research document. In writing your essay, avoid jargon or colloquial language. In addition, maintain effective grammar, syntax, organization, and style as you write. You may use

Death of a Salesman By Arthur Miller

What are the important elements of drama? How do the characters and setting/staging of a play help develop the drama and theme? How does style and tone develop a play? What is the plot and structure of the play?

Discussing the Economic Crisis of 2008

Task: - Use the internet to locate articles discussing the economic crisis of 2008. - Find one article that you would like to read. - Skim the article. - Read the entire article, highlighting topic sentences. - Identify the author's thesis. Write a summary and response, beginning your post with the author's name and t

Handgun Control Debate

I have read and written a report on the following article. How ever I am having trouble with a couple of areas. First can you help me to locate the authors' thesis statement? and second I need ideas for a summary and response of this article. The Issues UPDATE: On June 28, 2010, the Supreme Court made a landmark ruling expandi

Gun Control article

Library Research Assignment Use the library Databases to find and several articles appearing about the topic, which you have selected. Choose an article related to your topic and write a summary and response to the article, following these instructions: â?¢Go to the library databases and locate articles that are related

One Errors in Rules for Correct and Effective Citations

Each of the statements contains at least one error in rules for correct and effective citations. Identify the error or errors. 1. A 1978 report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said artificial sweeteners cause cancer in humans. 2. In a recent interview, Dr.Howard Smith said the prevention of heart disease needs to

Gun Control outline

Please help with some ideas for the following: An introduction paragraph (with your thesis statement at the end of this paragraph) Body paragraphs, with each body paragraph presenting and discussing a point that supports your thesis statement A conclusion paragraph There is no need to do any research for this assignment.

English Composition question: APA writing style - guidelines

Hello, Can you help me with this question? 12. You may not always have your handbook with you, so it is good to know where to look for APA information on the Internet. The problem is that not all the information you come across is reliable. For this question, you are to do the following: 1. Locate credible and reliable

Gun control laws outline and references

I Need help to Complete the following 5 Steps: * Find sources: Using the same topic you previously selected, continue researching your topic and locate sources on it. * Evaluate sources: Select material that you think will provide evidence to support your claims. * Draft a topic-sentence outline: Based on your


Gun Control use the prewriting strategies (mind mapping, brainstorming, and free writing) to develop and refine your thesis statement. In the first paragraph of your post, describe your method of developing the thesis statement. At the end of your description on your prewriting strategies, write your thesis statement. If you h

Battle Royal synopsis

Details: Your team manager at Java House wants your team to move forward in constructing the content for the specific portions of the chapter. To complete your section of the chapter, you will develop a literary analysis of a story you have chosen from the readings assigned to Phase 1. Identify the theme within the story you

Necklace & Cinderella parallels

Compare and contrast "The Necklace" with the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm version of "Cinderella". How are the two stories similar? How are they different? What might be de Maupassant's message in creating such a sadly ironic fate for his heroine Madame Loisel? What idea might he be trying to convey about the shortcomings of her d

Introductory Phrase to Introduce a Quotation

Can anyone tell me why students often use an introductory phrase to introduce a quotation and then repeat the author's name in parentheses at the end? This doesn't make sense to me (and it's not MLA format), so I'm having trouble understanding why I see this in almost all papers. Do high school teachers ask for this? Are student

Tartuffe Notes

Please read the play "Tartuffe" and answer the following questions. 1. Tartuffe caused quite a scandal back in the day? Does it still retain any shock value? 2. Tartuffe presets an interesting view of religion for his time. Do you think this view is still held today? Think of some instances where this has happened in today's

Assessment of A Doll's House

1- Does Nora have the "right" to walk outn her family? Was she a good mother? 2- Consider the characteristics of a "well-made play". How does Ibsen's A Doll House fit into this criteria? 3- Is Nora a victim or does she bring her trouble on herself? 4- What social message might Ibsen support through this play? 5- How does th

Gender Construct and Stereotypical Roles

Please help: -Deconstruct conventional images of women in literature. -What is the significance of gender construct and stereotypical roles when exploring women's literature?