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Where Are You Going story and its elements of theme, characterization, etc.

Describe the main character in where are you going, where have you been? is she flat or round? is she representative or individual? In the beginning, the family and town seem as ordinary. what makes the setting and the people at the beginning of the story seem so ordinary? what kind of ordinary person does connie seem t

Themes and conflict in "Night"

Sample theme: 2) Man vs. man. This type of conflict is largely external and physical. Discuss a few things--the way the Nazis herded to Jews into ghettos and later trains and camps; the way the Nazis starved the Jews and enticed them by throwing bread to the ground and watching them kill each other; the very essence of war.


A SONG IN THE FRONT YARD I've stayed in the front yard all my life. I want a peek at the back Where it's rough and untended and hungry weed grows. A girl gets sick of a rose. I want to go in the back yard now And maybe down the alley, To where the charity children play. I want a good time today. They do

Annotating and summarizing

Annotate and summarize literal meaning of following passage. Every woman's dream is to find the perfect spouse and setle down for life, right? Although this may be the dream of some, it doesn't reflect reality, according to a recent analysis of census data. Based on this analysis, the New York Times reported that, for the fir

Sojourner Truth's Speeches

Sojourner Truth 1. I can imagine that you will find Sojourner Truth's short speeches much easier to read than Mary Wollstonecraft's formal dissertation on the rights of women; however, both advocate the same thing: women should be free to make their own choices, to participate in the political movements that affect them, to ge

The Letters of Abigail Adams are assessed.

Abigail Adams (letters: Vol 1: 315-21) The Letters of Abigail Adams 1. You'll notice that the titles of the letters (in brackets in the text) give us a good idea of what she was writing about: [Man is a Dangerous Creature]; [Remember the Ladies]; and [Absolute Power over Wives]. In your response to these informal, passion

Philosophical perspective questions

Q1: Can you be moral without being religious? Q2: How would either a Kantian or utilitarianism view a grading curve in this exam? Q3: What do you tell the couple? And why? Poor family who got a Twins, boy and girl. A few years later, the twins have met at the university by coincidence but they didnâ??t know each

Death of a Salesman

Give examples and explain how the Death of a Salesman is an anatomy of the American dream.

Environmental Sustainability

The millennium Development Goals are the world's time-bound and quantified targets for addressing extreame poverty in its many dimensions-income poverty, hunger, disease, lack of adequate shelter, and exclusion-while promoting gender equality, education, and environmental sustainability. This goal is addressed specifically for S

Sexual Harassment Paper

Assume you are the Director of Human Resources for your company. The company has asked you to draft a sexual harassment policy for the company that will both protect employees against sexual harassment and the company against liability. Research the Internet, textbook and various sources and write a 1000-1500 word paper, double

The Play Antigone as a Movie

I have to come up with a movie idea for the Antigone Play. I have almost everything done, except for one thing. I have trouble finding the cast for my movie. I have to decide which actors I would like to portray each character. and explain why. Antigone, Ismene, Creon, Eurydice, Haimon, Toiresias, Sentry

Antigone predictions are made.

I have to write a prediction for each of the following characters: Antigone, Ismene, KIng Creon I have to use evidence of foreshadowing. Sections: Prologue, Scene I, Scene II

Democracy According to Thomas Jefferson

Paraphrase the following paragraph. 'Democracy itself guarantees nothing. It offers instead the opportunity to succeed as well as the risk of failure. In Thomas Jefferson's ringing but shrewd phrase, the promise of democracy is "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Democracy is then both a promise and a challenge. It

The Handmaid's Tale is briefly assessed.

The following is an except from a literary criticism: "It [The Handmaid's Tale] warns us of the imperceptible technology of power, of the subtle domination of women by men, and of our unconscious imprisoning of each other and ourselves by ourselves." Please explain how two specific events in the text are manifestations of t

Deductive vs. Inductive Essays

Choose to write about one of the following topics in a short, one to one and one-half page theme. If you choose one of the topics from 1 through 3, you will probably find that any background information is presented in inductive form, and your writing will need to follow an inductive format. Background information you encoun

Discuss the different women in Rebecca West's "The Return of the Soldier". What does each one represent in connection with Chris? What emotions does each character elicit from him? How does that change throughout the novel?

This solution provides a detailed explanation of the three female characters in Rebecca West's "The Return of the Soldier". In over 450 words, discusses the three women and their connection and symbolic representation to Captain Chris Baldry. This solution also considers how these relationships change throughout the novel. Th

Values in the 1960s, Steinbeck's views on literature

1. Discuss some values on these topics: Vietnam War, the anti-war movement, the counterculture, civil rights movement, feminist movement. In the 1960s. ( one paragraph for each ) 2. In one paragraph explaine what do you learn about the role of the arts, and literature in particular, in the 60s, according to Steinbeck? for

Mortgage crisis

Using one of the article just used, quote two passages, complete with APA in-text citations and quotations marks. Then paraphrase two passages (summarizing the passages in your own words) and use in-text citations in the APA format after the paraphrased passages. Your post should contain four (4) APA style in-text cit

Mortgage crisis is traced.

Write a topic sentence outline from researching sources and create a reference list. Use steps listed below. Complete the following 5 Steps: Find Sources: Using the the mortgage crisis topic continue researching the topic. Evaluate Sources: Select material that you consider will provide evidence to support your thes

Mortgage Crisis (US Economy)

Develop a thesis statement about the Mortgage Crisis (US Economy) and put your writing strategies for developing a thesis, use the pre-writing strategies such as mind mapping, brain storming, and free writing to develop and refine your thesis statement. Describe your method of developing the thesis statement. At the end of your