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    Creating Characters

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    Creative writing students are often faced with the problem of making their characters seem real and appealing. This lesson will show students how to create characters that are interesting and intriguing, and how to avoid characters that are flat and uninteresting.

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    Real-seeming fictional characters are at your fingertips. As creative writing students we often forget what is most readily available to us while attempting to fabricate believable characters. Here's a plan you can follow that will make your characters leap off the page.

    Think about people you know personally. They should be people to whom you are close enough to collect specific details. They can be relatives, friends, co-workers. The objective is to create a composite character that will be unique unto him or herself.

    1. Make two or three columns, with the names of your people at the top of each column. This should be enough because you will want to collect the ...

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    A short assignment to help story writers craft complex and interesting characters, and avoiding the cliche or stereotypes with which we are all familiar.