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    Writing Advanced Expository

    Please help with the following problem. I have a paper to write about teaching children proper disobedience in school. I'd like some potential topic or subtopic ideas to help me get started.

    Common symbols

    Please give example of one reoccurring symbol and how it relates to story. How would you categorize the point of view? Examples of symbolism relation to story over the themes presented in story. See attached.

    Understanding Langston Hughes

    The poem is Dream Boogie by Langston Hughes. The poem is about the African American struggle to gain identity in a prejudiced white culture. It's also about practicing art during the Harlem Renaissance.

    Movie Review: Sexuality Depictions

    A synopsis of the movie that is at least a paragraph long, and then addresses the following elements: a.) How the movie portrays sex and sexuality, b.) Whether or not this movie presents a fair, healthy view of sex, and c.) Review the movie for overall artistic merit and audience impact.

    The Chrysanthemums

    There is much fertile territory in a discussion of Elisa and the way that her surroundings seem so symbolic of her characterization. Her chrysanthemums, the way she dresses, the weather, her husband and his response to him, the tinker, the discarded flowers, the boxing match, and the wine all seem to speak of who she is and what

    Citing sources

    -Identify what you think are the most difficult aspects of working with sources and making sure you do not plagiarize. -Discuss the steps will you take to ensure that you cite your sources properly.

    Source citation

    Â?¢ Explain what type(s) of information you must acknowledge and document in your written assignments. â?¢ Identify the type(s) of information that does not require a source citation. â?¢ Explain what you must do when you borrow the exact words of someone else in your paper. â?¢ Explain what you must do when you para

    The Things They Carried

    In addition to the physical things soldiers carry, the narrator of "The Things They Carried" says soldiers "carried all the emotional baggage of men who might die." Using this story and your own experiences as evidence, write a 750-900 word MLA documented essay that argues a claim about the "emotional baggage of war." Cite the t

    The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

    The title is repeated many times throughout the story. How does the narrator classify the things they carried? Can you see meaning in the way he orders the categories? How do "the things they carried" serve to reveal theme? Next, the narrator describes long periods of tedious activity and boredom shattered by flashes of te

    Wallace Steven's Sunday Morning

    One of the most famous lines from Stevens, and one of the most enigmatic, appears in "Sunday Morning": "Death is the mother of beauty" Describe the thinking process by which the speaker in this poem transforms Sunday morning from a day of Christian religious observance for the dead into a very different kind of celebration.

    Understanding Point of View

    For the novice writer, controlling point of view in fiction is one of the most difficult and essential aspects of the writer's craft. Beginning writers will frequently switch points of view without realizing they are doing it. But when a writer shows that he or she understands point of view, then the narrative becomes that much

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Summary

    I need help answering the following based off the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Stevenson: 1. Create a brief summary 2. Indicate what you think the most important or interesting idea is 3. Present the most important or interesting quote 4. Explain why it's important or interesting 5. Ask a relevant question

    Foundations of Human Resource Management

    Task Name: Phase 3 Individual Project Details: Many groups make up a diverse workforce. Age or generational categorization is one of the ways to define specific groups within the organization. There are currently 4 generations in the workforce. You have been asked to suggest ways to address the needs and desires of the diffe

    Latino writers and magical realism in their works

    Spirituality, magic, and myth play an important role in many literary works, but all have a special emphasis in Hispanic/Latino literature. #4 How does the representation of spirituality, magic, and myth in Hispanic/Latino literature differ from how they appear in literature from other cultures or ethnic groups, or from tradi

    How to Identify Myth and Religion in Hispanic/Latino Lit

    Spirituality, magic, and myth play an important role in many literary works, but all have a special emphasis in Hispanic/Latino literature. Identify how religion, myths, magic, magical realism, and so forth are incorporated in the Hispanic/Latino culture.

    How to critique an article

    The solution explains the steps to follow when writing a critique of an article. It points out when and what to summarize, points out what needs to be highlighted, and provides tips on what to include, such as: highlight the main points that were emphasized in the article, point out the weaknesses and strong points of the write

    Comparison of authors

    The structure and rhetorical strategies of The Souls of Black Folk are markedly different from those favored by Washington in Up from Slavery. Describe some of these differences and consider the relationship of these strategies to the intentions of each author

    Frankenstein's plot events are briefly explored.

    #1 Why did Frankenstein leave his creation? I realize that he was hideous. After the creation came to life Frankenstein rushes out of the room and tries to sleep (abandonment #1). He wakes up with this creepy monster looking at him and he is obviously scared so he runs away again (abandonment #2). What I donâ??t understand

    How to Write an Essay

    Parts of the Essay I. Introduction A. Introduction grabs the reader's attention; quotes, fragments of the action, and meaningful questions related to your topic are all good methods B. Set the tone for the essay C. Thesis statement presents your subject and its significance II. Supporting paragraphs - the body A. A

    create a sidebar for an article

    I have to create a sidebar for an article. I choose the one below. Hundreds crowd Senate for hearing on same-sex marriage Senate panel could vote on bill next week 1 2 next | single page Darryl Lewis, left, and his partner David Bare, of Catonsville, are part of a large overflow crowd listening to testimony being broa

    Early American Literature

    When looking at Thoreau's ideas of living, is there one particular one which would be difficult at applying to "real" life, why and how?

    Captain John Smith Summary: Epic Hero

    Read The General History of Virginia and A Description of New England (attachment). Then, in the appropriate Discussions topic, post your response to the writings of John Smith. Share your likes/dislikes, ask questions, give specifics that support the outline below, etc. Captain John Smith Smith gave the most famous conte

    Conversational and academic language

    Think about some groups (cultural, professional, vocational, etc.) that you identify with. What are some examples of conversational language (vocabulary, slang, style) that you use with each group? How would you phrase any written communications (e-mail, texting, etc.) to members of this group? As you prepare your posting, be

    Christopher Columbus overview

    Christopher Columbus Columbus, of course, is credited with discovering the New World, although many experts disagree with who actually discovered the continent first. Although Columbusâ?? writings give much accurate history of his voyages and discoveries, we must suspect his veracity because he was known for self-promot