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Don DeLillo

Important events in White Noise do not take place at the college but elsewhere, usually at Gladney's home, suggesting that DeLillo's real interest is in showing the dilemmas and confusions of the contemporary American family. What is revealed about the confusions of Jack and Babette in their bedroom conversation? "What do you

John Steinbeck

In "The Vigilante," how does Mike feel about the lynching he has helped to perpetrate? Does his attitude change as the story progresses? What does the story suggest about the nature of lynching in general?

Othello: Why Iago hates him

Iago's hatred for othello increases throughout the play. Explain why he is consumed by racism, paying particular attention to his hatred for "The Moor" and his interracial marriage to Desdemona.

"Gentle Lena" is overviewed.

Stein uses repetition not merely to define the minds of characters but also to impress ideas indelibly on the reader's consciousness. For example, in a single sentence, the word brown is repeated nine times. In describing the voyage to America, Stein writes that Lena felt "she would die," she was "sure that every minute she woul

The Gentle Lena is assessed.

A notable characteristic of Gertrude Stein's writing style is her use of repetition. Through repetition, she attempts to show how her characters think, their mental repetitions, pauses, and restatements as they struggle to define their vague and shifting ideas. In the first paragraphs of the story, Lena is repeatedly described a

Jack London's The Law of Life

In Jack London's, The Law of Life, does the death of the moose suggest attitudes toward death other than passive acceptance?

What elements of London's naturalism are evident in "The Law of Life?"

Having considered Crane's ideas of naturalism, it is evident that Jack London is identified as a literary naturalist as well. He was familiar with the writings of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer, and he knew the work of such literary naturalists as Stephen Crane. What elements of London's naturalism are evident in "The Law of

Huck Finn plot events

Please help with the following problem. In Huckleberry Finn, there are a bundle of different emotions that are going on at the time of Boggs' death. What are the emotions that are evoked from the wording of the text and what is the description of the emotion of the crowd?

The Doll's House

The Doll's House by Henrick Ibsen focues on a theme of truth vs. lying and appearances. Assistance is needed in declarative sentence proven writing.

how 19th century healthcare reflected in Dicken's novel, Great Expectations

Thank you for your help. The examples from Oliver Twist help for my comparisons and further understanding. Can you help with more specifics from Great Expectations though as far as quotes, specifics, detail? Looking for help as to how was 19th century healthcare reflected in Dicken's novel, Great Expectations? I am lo

APA format for a paper

Journal article Author: Faith, Rebecca Article Title: Poverty, A History Of Journal Title: Journal of Rural Studies Year: 1996 Volume: 12 Issue: 2 Pgs: 212-214 ISSN: 0743-0167 Book Authors: Brian Friedmann, Rebecca Coy, and Lilian Wilson (editors) Title: Emergences: Gender struggles for livelihood in Latin America

Analytical Argument About the role of literature

Questions Make an analytical argument about the role of literature can and must play as businesses cope with social change. See attached Literature. (Using Unemployment or poverty subject) Consider Questions How might literary Representation of change prepare readers for future changes in the workplace? Does the lit

Brothers and Keepers compare/contrast

Compare and/or contrast an aspect of Brothers & Keepers to another medium (book, painting, short story, song lyrics, case study, movie, poem, etc). Use Brothers and Keepers as one of its prime sources. This also requires outside research and sources using MLA citation in the paper and MLA guidelines to create a Works Cited pa

Secret LIfe of the Bees

I am reading the Secret Life of the Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I am stuck on an analysis. Quote: "I was afraid though, the blame would find a way to stick to them. Thats how blame was". How is this relevant to other aspects of the story? I am thinking they mean how is blame relevant to other aspects of the story but not tota

Ethics Mill's - Utilitarianism

I'm reading John Stuart Mill (Utilitarianism) second edition. Is Mill's solution to the problem posed by the desire for virtue for its own sake successful? Why or Why not?

Write evaluations of stories, poems, and plays

Your editor-in-chief has asked the entire team to reflect on the experience of working on the back to basics issues. Your reflections may be compiled to serve as guidelines for future teams. You have been asked to read A love Medicine by Louise Erdrich (1954) OR Long Long Too Long by Lucia Perillo (1958)and answer the following

Write evaluations of stories, poems, and plays

Choose a theme from the Bedford text (file attached). The other work can be from literature, art, film, comic books, radio, or TV. Discuss the works, analyzing and comparing how they develop the theme you have chosen. Your analysis is likely to be drafted and presented to the Senior Editors, so it should include the followin

Gay marriage

Task Name: Phase 1 Discussion Board Details: The first step towards completing the Touchstone Project is to choose a current controversy or issue and then form research questions. You will be arguing one side or another for a current issue in the news. For example, you might take up the cause of Global Warming and articulate

Langston Hughes and Alice Walker

Why does Langston Hughes answer his main question with a list of questions and is he expressing political of societal values in Dream Deferred? Are there any themes that are the same in Hughes' work compared to "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker?

Hero's journey help

I am sorry confused with this class I need help please. I really need please can someone help me please. In this assignment, you will use the Hero's Journey as a model for writing your own fictional short story. The process of writing this story will take place in three stages The first stage of the journey begins in the Ord

Plot Parts Event

I really need some help here please. Can you give me some pointers or help in how to identify the series of events in a story as well as identify the conflict, complications, crisis ,falling action, and resolution of a plot. How do series of events and plot work together in a story? The story I pick is Story by Lydia Davis

The Odyssey Book 3

Examine Nestor's personality and character. What distinguishes him from other characters who serve as storytellers during the course of the narrative? What distinguishing features mark his speech? What is the general impression of his character that is given in the Odyssey? What means does Homer employ in order to achieve th

Moral Education in schools and why it's important.

Give reasons to support why we need moral education in schools with references. I need a lot of detailed information based on past researchers findings, as well as information based on personal experience. I also need help putting all the information together so that I can write a persuasive essay on this topic, backed up with

Protagonists in The Aeneid and Dante's Inferno

Please assist me with the following problem. Draw a parallel between characters in two books. It compares Aeneas in The Aeneid and the protagonist of Dante's Inferno. Use specific examples from both texts to make your case. Provide at least 300 words. Thank you,

Bewoulf vs. Homer's Achilies

I need assistance with the following: Do you find Beowulf more or less attractive than Homer's Achilles? [You should defend your preference by citing acts, situations, and speeches from the poems. Then try to form a comprehensive but concise statement of your view.] Thank you!

Art forms are intertwined with love.

Below are the art forms Gustav Klimt's, "The Kiss" (visual art); Gone with the Wind (novel) "At Last" by Etta James (song) At Last Lyrics by Etta James At last, my love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song Oh, yeah, at last The skies above are blue My heart was wrapped up in clovers The n

Art forms and love

Select three contemporary art forms. Below are the art forms Gustav Klimt's, "The Kiss" (visual art); Gone with the Wind (novel) "At Last" by Etta James (song) List the components of the theme and the areas of commonality. The Theme is Love My question is: Which piece do you believe most successfully communicates the t