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Faith and Doubt

Faith and Doubt Format: MLA This essay has us performing some research into the author's lives and how the way they lived influenced their writing. In the essay, discuss how 2 of the authors used style as a means to convey their messages about faith and doubt. Remember style refers to the words and sentence structure tha

Culture and Identity

This essay will use critical analysis. After reading the literary works attached, consider the following question: How does literature about culture and identity add to our present day society? Consider what this literature adds to society, why the authors felt compelled to create it, and what this means on both an individual l

Literature and Genres

Using the following outline help give thoughts and references to get started with my paper. Preliminary thesis statement: In this essay, I will discuss (a) how family and friends influence literature, (b) review three genres in literature, and (c) examples of the three genres as they relate to literature. Purpose of this

Critical Thinking is applied to analyze short email messages.

This posting offers help with writing short criticism to these email messages: Ms. Chung As much as I would like to, I must decline your request that I give your membership a free lectures next month. I receive many requests to give free lectures. I grant some of them, but I simply cannot do them all. Unfortunately, yours

Disillusionment in James Joyce's "Araby"

Discuss: Describe what you consider to be the story's main idea. Why does the narrator feel so disillusioned at the end? What could account for such a feeling? What did the narrator learn about himself?

A critique of poorly designed website occurs.

Of all the websites you find, this job chooses the very worst website. The definition of " worst" is up to you. For that website (ONLY), answer the following questions: 1. Note the design and layout - what draws your eye? What colors are used? What pictures? Are they designed to influence you emotionally, mentally socially.

A Description of the Writing Process occurs.

Could you tell me about your writing process? Can you tell me about the general strategies form different kinds of writing? How do you tackle a particular difficult writing situation?

Meth Article Example Analytical Modeling

Training helps officers crack down on meth labs BY LES BLUMENTHAL McClatchy Newspapers QUANTICO, Va. - A certain adrenaline rush comes with busting a meth lab, even if the gun in your hand is loaded with paintball bullets. The bad guys may be cardboard cutouts and the lab a Quonset hut at a Drug Enforcement Administration tr

Tobias Wolfe's "Say Yes"

Tobias Wolfe's "Say Yes" is examined. I assist with ideas to write a journaled response focusing on these categories: Journal Your First Impressions: Take time to gather your thoughts - to pull together what seems most significant. Include any questions the story may have raised in your mind. Keep a Running Commentary: Jo

Hill Like An Elephant

Read "Hill Like An Elephant" by Ernest Hemingway (see the attachment) and write five short paragraphs: I. Introduction with thesis statement. II. Lack of communication III. Alcohol abuse IV. Non- Acceptance of charge V. Conclusion

Young Goodman Brown

Since Nathaniel Hawthorne has a reputation for ambiguity, intentionally leaving his stories ambiguous and open-ended, this posting considers the following interpretations: Is Young Goodman Brown's journey into the forest an evil dream (perhaps inspired by the devil)? Is his journey a dream vision telling him the truth about