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The Doll's House

The Doll's House by Henrick Ibsen focues on a theme of truth vs. lying and appearances. Assistance is needed in declarative sentence proven writing.

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As you explicate this theme of truth versus lying and appearances throughout this fascinating play, you might formulate an encompassing, sample thesis such as this generic one: "This play cleverly exposes how lies and deception permeate marriage, demonstrates women's overall unequal place in Norwegian society, and eventually allow the truth to prevail as the female protagonist, Nora, struggles for social, marital, financial, and sexual freedom in Ibsen's play." In other words, this play shows how "the truth shall set you free" after a series of conflicts and plot twists. What do you think? Can you create something to this effect for your own thesis?

I offer some notes to help with this theme. They are not organized into an essay, just brainstorming.

Next, as you look at this theme deeper, please note how lies permeate the play, but they eventually allow ...

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