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    Developing Your Professional Voice

    Linda Bergman, author of “Academic Research and Writing”, outlines several guidelines that are useful to help writers develop their professional voice in writing. This quiz helps students hone in on some of those methods and provides ways that they can easily implement them into their essays.


    To develop your professional voice in writing, Linda Bergmann recommends:
    That you try to identify the specific language, practices and conventions in your field and adapt them to your own writing.


    Which option is false? A professional voice is developed through:


    The use of personal pronouns is very seldom found in which field of study:


    Knowing the difference between the professional and ordinary meaning of words makes a difference in word choice. Misuse of one word in the wrong context can change the entire meaning behind what you are trying to convey.


    What is the negative term for professional vocabulary that can leave readers confused or intimidated, and is sometimes used to identify the inappropriate use of professional vocabulary:


    Getting acquainted with a professional style like APA or MLA is not a means to developing a professional voice.