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    Drama, Film, and Mass Communication

    Drama, film and mass communication are three separate topics which are all representative of forms of expression within the arts. Drama, film and mass communication analyse the historical and theoretical foundations, as well as the practical applications of acting, film and communication in the media. Thus, these three subjects have been grouped together to form this category.

    Drama is a form of acting which is performed in theatres by actors for an audience. Sometimes these types of performances involve not only acting, but dancing and singing as well. Drama has been popular within different cultures for thousands of years because it is a mode of communication by which stories can be told. Through drama, both stories based on fiction and real events can be portrayed.

    In comparison to drama, film allows for a form of acting which gets presented on the “big screen”. In the most basic sense, film itself is a sequence of still images which provide the illusion of moving images when shown on television. This is based on the physics of the phi phenomenon. Film involves a multitude of different actors including a producer, director, a screenplay writer and the actors themselves, to list a few of the important individuals required.

    Mass communication is a field of study focused on relaying information to the larger population through the media. For example, the newspaper and magazines represent different means of how stories are told through the news. Furthermore, advertising through the radio is another type of mass communication device. Mass communication is a social science and as a whole, can have a large influence on the behaviour and thoughts of individuals.

    Although drama, film and mass communication are three different subject areas, they are similar in the sense that they are each forms of expression. Thus, all of these fields of study represent methods of presenting and sharing information with the public.

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    Drama is a form of acting which is performed in theatres by actors for an audience.

    Mass Communication

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    Mass communication is field of study which analyzes the sharing of information from a single source to the larger population.