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Data Collection

Data collection is fundamental to the study of statistics because it is an integral step in the process of carrying out a research study. There are different types of methods which can be implemented to go about collecting data. In statistical studies some of the most common techniques for data collection include population censuses, sample surveys and conducting experiments.

Before a researcher can begin collecting data, a planned research design with a focused study objective needs to be drawn out. Data collection has an influence on many factors in a statistical study such as on the study design, the survey methodology and later on, the conclusions which can be formulated. In order for a study to formulate valuable conclusions, the method of data collection needs to be organized in a way which meets the needs of the study, most importantly the question(s) being asked and units being collected.

For example, pretend you are a bird researcher and you are studying red-winged blackbird populations in all of the marshes located near busy, urban roads in your local city. Although you plan on collecting current data, you are also fortunate enough to have past collected data on red-wing blackbird populations residing in the marshes you are studying, from 20 years ago. The purpose of this current study is to analyze whether an increase in urban activity over 20 years has caused a change in population size.

From the above scenario, it is clear that the units being measured are red-wing black birds, which are being counted, and the question of interest is whether urban activity influences population size. Now when deciding how to design the experimental study, considering how exactly to go about collecting the data is critical. Some things to consider may include: how large of a sample size should be collected at each marsh or what time of day to collect the data. Clearly this example illustrates how the process of data collection is an important step in designing a successful statistical study.


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Data Collection Variables

1) Identify the following variables as either qualitative or quantitative and EXPLAIN your answers. a. The number of people on a jury. b. The color of your house 2) Identify the number as either continuous or discrete and EXPLAIN your answers. a. The average height of all freshmen entering college in a certain year is

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Write a proposal paper (1,250-1,500 words) for a major change project that you would like to lead. Identify a health care issue that interests you and explain why. Develop a rationale using evidence-based research, including: 1) The background. 2) Statistical findings. 3) Probable stakeholders. 4) Logical conclusions. Des

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Descriptive and inferential

Conduct descriptive and inferential analyses using your selected data set, your prepared database, and SPSS. Summarize numerical results in tables. • Conduct selected descriptive statistics analyses using SPSS. • Summarize the numerical results with descriptive analysis tables or graphs, including your interpretation. •

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Details: For the following assignment, use the Rank Correlation Utilizing Excel Use a rank correlation coefficient to test for a correlation between two variables. Use a significance level of α=0.05. x (cigarettes per day) 60 10 4 15 10 1 20 8 7 10 10 20 y(cotinine) 179 283 75.6 174 209 9.51 350 1.85 43.4 25.1 408 344

IQ report

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Journal Article Review (Statistics)

Answer the question according to the attached article (Branding smartphone industry.pdf) Overview: 1) What is the main hypothesis / question posed by this study ? 2) Why is it an important question to ask/investigate ? 3) Describe the study design (e.g. cross-sectional, longitudinal, etc.) Statistical Anal

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Basic Concepts in Probability Distributions

QUESTION 1 A continuous uniform distribution U(100,200) will have the same standard deviation as a continuous uniform distribution U(200,300). True False QUESTION 2 There is a simple formula for normal areas, but we prefer a table for greater accuracy. True False QUESTION 3 The area under a normal curve is 1 onl

Descriptive, Graphical and T-Test Using SPSS

You will create this Word document by cutting and pasting SPSS output into Word. 1. Why do we care whether the assumptions required for statistical tests are met? (You might also want to write your answer on a note card you paste to your computer.) 2. Open the data set that you corrected in a previous assignment for Downlo

SPSS and Exploratory Data Analysis

Write a short paragraph that highlights your understanding of why exploratory data analysis is a critical part of any analytical strategy (300-500 words).

Selecting the Appropriate T-test

For this assignment, use data from W1 Assignment 2. Compute a t-test comparing males' and females' heights. You must determine which type of t-test to compute. Move your output into a Microsoft Word document and write a one-paragraph, APA-formatted interpretation of the results.

Business Statistics: Chi-square Test

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Use the Student_Data.xls file which consists of 200 MBA students at Whatsamattu U. The file includes variables regarding students' age, gender, major, GPA, Bachelors GPA, course load, English speaking status, family, weekly hours spent studying. Each of the three assigned problems should be formatted as a one page memo. Answers

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Normal Probabilities - Using Z Score

A normal distribution has a mean of u= 40 and o=10. if a vertical line is drawn through the distribution at x= 55, what proportion of the scores on the right side of the line? A normal distribution has a u= 80 and o= 10. what is the probability of randomly selecting a score greater than 90 from this distribution? A normal