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Journal Article Review (Statistics)

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Answer the question according to the attached article (Branding smartphone industry.pdf)


1) What is the main hypothesis / question posed by this study ?

2) Why is it an important question to ask/investigate ?

3) Describe the study design (e.g. cross-sectional, longitudinal, etc.)

Statistical Analysis:

4) What was the sample size?

5) What are the main independent and dependent variable (for the main hypothesis of interest?)

6) How were the independent and dependent variables measured? Give the measurement instrument used and the type of data (e.g. nominal, ordinal, continuous, etc.)

7) What aspects of their statistical analyses did you NOT understand? Write down unfamiliar terms or points of confusion
(please give suggestion on this one)

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This post will help you to analyze a journal article and the statistics used within it.

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1. The hypothesis is the research question that is asked, and that guides research. When answering this question, the abstract is the first place you should look. You will very likely see it phrased as, "the purpose of this research was to...." Should you see this phrase, or something similar, you have found the research question/hypothesis. There is also a "hypothesis" section in this particular paper.

2. This question is asking why the hypothesis/research question is important. In other words, what are we getting out of this research? How will exploring this topic help to improve the smart phone industry? Think about these things when analyzing importance.

3. Longitudinal design - collect data from the same sample (a "panel") of people on more than one occasion (usually using the same methods) over a period of time (months, years, etc.)
Cross-sectional design - collect data only once and in one short period

4. The sample size is the ...

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