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    Art therapy-Treatment for incestual sexual abuse

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    Literature review: What is the efficacy of art therapy on children who suffered from sexual abuse from incest?

    1. At least five quantitative research articles
    2. At least five qualitative research articles
    3. At least one mixed methods research article
    4. At least one program evaluation article for review

    Your review should include between 12 and 15 peer-reviewed articles. Note that mixed methods research articles may not be published on every topic of interest. In these cases, additional program evaluation articles may be substituted.

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    1.Carr, A. (2009). The effectiveness of family therapy and systemic interventions for child-focused problems. Journal of family therapy, 31, 3-45.

    This article presents effective controlled trials and systemic interventions for families of children and adolescents with various difficulties. However, one section, ?Childhood abuse and neglect? provide statistics on the prevalence on childhood abuse. [Quantitative study].

    2. Carozza, P.M., & Heirsteiner, C. L. (1982). Young female incest victims on treatment: Stages of growth seen with a group art therapy model. Clinical Social Work Journal, 10 (3), 165=175

    This article describes a treatment model for female child incest victims that combine art and group therapy as an intervention. Five steps of growth are identified: (a) gathered, (b) sex-disclosure, (c) repression (4) reconstruction, and (5) ending. The steps are utilized to respond to a recent incest recurrence (Quantitative study)

    3. Hare-Munston, R. T. (1992). Cries and whispers: the psychotherapy of Anne Selden. Psychotherapy: theory, Research Practice, Trauma, 29 (3), 406-409.

    This is a review of a book focused on discussions of the release of therapy tapes to Anne Sexton?s biographer, and the outcry over her sexual abuse by her therapist. Focus on ethical ...

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