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Please describe each of the following disorders stating their causes, treatment and symptoms:

Dissociative disorder

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Dissociative disorder:

Causes: While these have not been identified with a certainty, there is a link with overwhelming stress, insufficient childhood nurturing and an innate ability to dissociate memories or experiences from consciousness. In addition, prolonged childhood abuse may also be a factor.

Symptoms: These vary in level of severity. They include headaches and other body pains, distortion or loss of subjective time, deperesonalization, amnesia, and depression. Other symptoms include symptoms resembling epilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety, mood, posttraumatic stress, personality and eating disorders. People may also experience auditory hallucinations as well as changes in identity, loss of memory and awaking in unexplained locations and situations.

Treatment: Treatment may include psychotherapy and medications. Psychotherapy may include behavioral treatments such as responding to a single identity and using more traditional therapy once a consistent response is established.

Sexual disorders:

Causes: Sexual disorders ...