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Psycho-Physiological Disorders

Psycho-physiological disorders are categorized in the DSM-IV-TR under mental disturbances that arise from psychological dysfunction, existing disorders or other difficulties manifested through physical symptoms. These physical symptoms, however, cannot be traced back to any serious physical disease or origin, nor are they under the conscious control of the patient.

Describe the category of psycho-physiological disorders. What are some of the unique features of psycho-physiological disorders? How are some people able to avoid the negative effects of the risk factors associated with these disorders?

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Psycho-physiological disorders are also referred to as somatoform disorders or psychosomatic disorders. Psycho-physiological disorders are classified as mental disturbances that are shown through physical disturbances that are uncontrollable by the patient. The patient symptoms cannot be tracked to an origin. Characteristics include tissue damage or physiological dysfunction. These patients experience emotional and psychological stress which results in physical ...

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