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Psychological and Psychosocial Theories of Crime Causation

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Discuss the relationship between determinationism and psychology

Describe Freud's psychoanalytic theory

Describe the elements of Freud's theory

Describe the premises of behavioral theory

Explain personality theory

Discuss psychopathology as it applies to criminal behavior

Describe how the various physiological disorders might affect behavior

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Psychological and psychosocial theories of crime causation are embedded in this solution, which includes references for further research.

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Psychological and Psychosocial theories of crime causation

Discuss the relationship between determinationism and psychology

Determinationism stems from determinism, which relies on an antecedent theory that behaviors or events are caused by other forces outside the self. In other words, one's past, present, and future may be predetermined.

According to the American Psychological Association's Dictionary of Psychology (2007, 273) the association of determinism to psychology means, "all human behaviors result from specific efficient causal antecedents, such as biological structures or processes, environmental conditions, or past experience. The relationships between these antecedents and the behaviors they produce can be described by generalizations much like the laws that describe regularities in nature." ...

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