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    Correlation and Causation

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    1. The Developing Person addresses the importance of accurately interpreting research data. One common mistake identified is the confusion of correlation with causation.

    In this week's DQ1 forum, define both correlation and causation and provide one new example of each.
    Provide an example of a negative impact of confusing these two.

    2. The Developing Person presents the five main theories of human development. Review each of these perspectives on Table 2.4.

    In this week's DQ2 forum, discuss which of these theories makes the most sense to you and why.
    Discuss the advantages of endorsing an eclectic perspective.

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    Correlation, Causation, Human Development Theories

    According to Jackson (2015), "a correlation is the relationship between two sets of variables used to describe or predict information." Jackson (2015) differentiates correlation from causation by defining causation as such, "Causation, also known as cause and effect, is when an observed event or action appears to have caused a second event or action." In these brief definitions, it appears that correlation and causation are similar, if not the same thing. But it isn't as Jackson further explains, "If there is a correlation, then sometimes we can assume that the dependent variable changes solely because the independent variables change. This is where the debate between correlation and causation occurs. However, there is a difference between cause and effect (causation) and relationship (correlation). Sometimes these areas can be confused and muddled when analyzing data." Imagine going to a store on a really sunny day and finding it difficult to find an umbrella. In your head you relate the likelihood of an umbrella shortage to a very sunny day as people could have been ...

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