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Directive/non-ddirective Play Therapy

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1. How does integrative theory view play therapy?
2. According to integrative theory is a therapist to take a directive or non directive approach?

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This solution discusses integrative, nondirective and directive approaches of play therapy.

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1. How does integrative theory view play therapy?

An Integrative therapeutic approach indicates utilizing concepts and techniques from different theoretical perspectives (Corey, 2005, 501). The philosophy proposes that human beings are active, growth-organisms, and in an integrated model, theories suggest that individuals are motivated to accommodate their psychological experiences under the right social conditions (Joseph & Lindley, 2006). As an example, they assert that clients who experience traumatic or stressful events, an integrated model can be relevant in psychotherapy.

Springer & Misurell (2010) presents theory and rationale for using an integrated group modality to treat elementary school children who have been sexually abused. The model's curriculum, contains topics that have been demonstrated to be effective for treating child sexual abuse, including communication skills, ...

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