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Play therapy techniques

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Can you choose a contextual play therapy technique.

- Discuss the differences in how that technique can be applied in individual, family, and group counselling contexts.
- Evaluate in which context the technique would be most effective.
- Identify and describe the importance of culture when applying the technique in that context.

500 words or more, use proper APA style to cite and reference your sources

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This solution discusses Play Therapy techniques

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(1) Can you choose a play therapy technique?

Within the development of play therapy children worked out their conflicts through play. For instance, Lowenfeld developed her theory based on play therapy by using the sandbox. She applied the technique of sand play to treatments in her clinical settings by adding sand trays to children's playrooms. Afterwards she wrote a number of works relating to this therapeutic method including: (1) "Children's Sand play: Lowenfield's World Techniques" that provided details on the use of sand as a means of experiences and non-verbal communication. Other researchers suggest that the process of Sand Play therapy help children how to be sociable, and it helps them developmentally (Carmichael, 1994). For instance, Carmichael (1994) asserts that through play children can be stimulated intellectually on a number of different levels at various times during a psychotherapeutic session.

(2) Discuss the differences in how that technique can be applied in individual, family, and group counseling contexts.

The main focus of play therapy is on the notion that children have a natural inclinations to play in ways that revealed their inner life and concerns. The philosophy proposes that human beings are active, growth-organisms. For example, theories suggest that individuals are motivated to accommodate their psychological experiences under the right social conditions (Joseph & Lindley, 2006). Therefore, in an ...

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