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Family Therapy Theories

How do you see yourself incorporating some of the theories we have covered in this course (previous questions posted)? Assuming that some appealed to you and some didn't, how would you integrate the approaches that make the most sense to you into your developing theoretical orientation? How will you use specific couple/family therapy intervention techniques in your future practice, or do you plan to use them at all? Please include a valid reference article. Thanks

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It is necessary to be able to incorporate a variety of intervention techniques depending on the needs of the clients. Not one therapy is inclusive enough to offer an explanation for the complexities of human behavior, especially when taking into consideration the client and their specific problems. It is better for a therapist or counselor to have an eclectic practice which covers a broad range of therapies; however, it is necessary for the therapist to be educated in each therapy they are using in order ...

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This solution discusses how a variety of therapies and intervention techniques should be incorporated into a practice as to cover a broad range of problems, cultures, and ethnicicities.