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    Denise Maddon

    Nov 2012
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    • MS, , 2016
    • MA Education (Family and Community Services), Ashford University, 2013
    • B.A., Ashford University, 2012


    • Education
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    About Denise Maddon

    Denise has been in the Psychology/Education field since 1991, beginning with teaching preschool and elementary students. She graduated in 2010, Registrar s Honor Roll from Oklahoma State University specializing in Education. Continuing on with her education, in 2012 she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, specializing in in child/developmental psychology on the Dean s Honor Roll from Ashford University. She has completed her MA Education specializing in Family and Community Services from Ashford University with a 3.9 GPA. She is a current member of the American Psychological Association (APA). She plans to continue working with children in the Psychology/Educational field after graduation. She currently works as a teaching assistant and tutor to help inspire students to have a genuine desire to learn.

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    Developing a Classroom Using Piaget's Stage Theory

    For the final project, you will demonstrate your understanding of the material in this course by developing a classroom plan for either an infant/ toddler childcare facility or for a preschool classroom, based upon Piaget's Stage Theory.

    For this project, include:

    - An overview of Piaget's St READ MORE »

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    History of Social Psychology

    I have a question regarding the history of social psychology. I have reviewed the history by date, but I am unsure of how to answer this question and need help getting started.
    Question: Select three key points in the evolution of social psychology that are paramount to the field. Include one eleme READ MORE »

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    Historical Case Study: Neurological Disorders

    I need some assistance to help guide me through this task. I want to do project on a well documented historical case study of an individual who experienced a neurological disorder, disease, or accident that resulted in an interruption in his or her vision, hearing, or motor control. I need to create READ MORE »

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    Memory changes during lifetime

    Read: Memory and Aging: Selected Research Directions and Application Issues

    Please give me a brief description of symptoms of memory changes during the lifetime, then compare the implications of expected changes in aging such as declines in working memory capacity and speed of processing with pat READ MORE »

    Psychology / Cognitive Psychology / Attention and Memory » 533630
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