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Memory changes during lifetime

Read: Memory and Aging: Selected Research Directions and Application Issues

Please give me a brief description of symptoms of memory changes during the lifetime, then compare the implications of expected changes in aging such as declines in working memory capacity and speed of processing with pathological conditions such as anterograde amnesia and precipitous loss of semantic memory.

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Some of the symptoms of memory changes or memory loss are forgetfulness, misplacing items, forgetting a phone number, or the name of a street that is commonly used. When we age we often experience physical changes that can cause a hiccup in the functioning of the brain. When this happens it takes us longer to recall information or it takes longer to learn new information, and we are not as quick as we once were. This is merely a slowing of the mental processes and not actual memory loss. Because the brain is capable of producing new brain cells at any age, loss of memory is not a result of aging. The brain is a muscle, and ...

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The memory changes during a lifetime are determined.