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    Brain Areas Implicated in Learning

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    Identify the brain areas implicated in learning that finally culminate in perception, memory, and language.

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    Short term memory normally makes use of various brain regions, but the frontal and parietal lobes are important in keeping conscious attention on the subject to commit to memory. Short term memory relies on consolidation via molecular level reinforcements in the neural circuitry involved in the memory. For example, a fearful memory would rely on changes to the chemistry of neural circuitry in the amygdala, a major center that accounts for fear reactions.

    Long term memory is similarly dependent on the various circuits that "experienced" the event and associated chemical changes, but relies almost exclusively on the hippocampus to convert from short term to long term memory. The exact process is still unknown, although we know that without the hippocampus, long term memories cannot be formed (HM ...

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    The expert identifies the brain areas implicated in learning that finally culminates in perception, memory, and language.