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Working Memory Model

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What is the 'Working Memory Model?'

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This job thoroughly describes the 'Working Memory Model.'

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The short-term memory (STM) allows individuals to retain information long enough to use it, it has two important characteristics. Firstly it can contain a certain number or 'chunks' of information, this was identified by Miller (1956) who proposed the 'magic number 7' (plus or minus 2) theory. The second characteristic is that information can only remain in the STM for a few seconds. These characteristics suggested that the STM was autonomous from sensory and long-term memory stores.

Baddeley & Hitch (1974) challenged the early concept of the STM store and adopting a functional approach suggested that it be replaced with the 'working memory model.' This is conceptualized as an active system for the temporary storage of information needed to complete cognitive tasks. This model was ...

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