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    Understanding the Concept of the Working Memory Model

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    I am struggling to understand the concept of the working memory model. Can someone help me understand the working memory model by providing an example of an experienced short-term memory loss, and help me explain the example of the short-term memory loss within the context of the working memory model. Also, what is a strategy I might use improve short-term memory function?

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    I have posted a link above to a published study (1993) which researched variables (PTSD, stress) which may affect different aspects of cognitive functioning (long-term memory, verbal memory, visual memory--see the table in the article for the full list). Although intelligence levels were similar in PTSD and non-PTSD participants, their memory scores were much lower. The researchers suggest that stress, like brain damage and alcoholism, negatively affects the working memory, and therefore long-term memory. If a person cannot recognize and store something in short-term working memory, then the cognitive system cannot successfully store that information into the long-term memory bank. Research supports the 7 +/- 2 rule (read "seven plus ...

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    The following posting provides an explanation of the working memory model.