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    Information-Processing Abilities that Affect Learning and Memory

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    Explain the four information-processing abilities that affect learning and memory. How does each area impact learning? Do any of the areas relate to each other, in other words, does one area of deficit cause a greater occurrence for other areas to become present?

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    Information processing addresses the cognitive perspectives on thinking, learning and memory. The information processing model looks at how the mind works as a mirror to how the computer works. Unlike other learning theories such as operant conditioning by B. F. Skinner and Robert Gagne's conditions of learning, information processing hinges on what is retrieved from the environment. Enhancing Broadbent's multistage learning process, Gredler (2005) described a multimode state of memory and learning which are: 1) perception that drives the short-term memory, 2) ...

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    The solution discusses information-processing abilities that affect learning and memory.