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Verbal Learning

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What is verbal learning? What variables have an impact on the acquisition and retention of information?

Can I have two different views?(definitions and explanations) Just to get a better understanding of this subject. The more information, the better.

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This solution describes variables that have an impact on verbal learning.

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What is verbal learning? What variables have an impact on the acquisition and retention of verbal nformation?

Learning refers to a change in behavior or knowledge that is due to some experience. Thus, learning can help explain phenomena ranging from expressed fears to developmental processes. As an example, affective or emotional components associated with attitudes can be changed through certain learning processes. Verbal learning is the discipline of psychology that is focused on verbal associations, and the acquisition of those associations (i.e., how learning is acquired).

One verbal learning method is stated to enhance the development of clinical reasoning, self-directed learning skills, and team work, interpersonal and group communication skills (Schwartz, 2001 as cited in Gukas, Leinster & Walker, 2010). Problem-based learning (PBL) ...

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