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Concept of Verbal Learning, Memory Recall and Learning Rate

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What is the concept of verbal learning? How are verbal associations such as memory recall and learning rate formed?

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This solution describes verbal learning focused on the formation of verbal associations such as memory recall and learning rates. This solution is 380 words with references and in-text citations for understanding and further research of concepts.

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The concept of verbal learning focus on the formation of verbal associations such as memory recall and learning rates. Several instruments have been developed to assess learning based on verbal learning tasks such as the California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT, Delis, Kramer, Kaplan & Ober, 2000) and the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning test (RAVLT, Schmidt, 1940). The RAVLT is widely used and evaluates a number of functions associated with memory and learning. To examine learning potentials in older adults using the RAV, Rast (2011) utilized a verbal learning task to examine initial recall, learning rate and asymptotic performance in older adults. The cognitive predictors included in the model were: (a) speed of information processing, (b) ...

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