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    Memory: Verbal Stimuli

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    I need help with this concept and to better understand the applying Mnemonics to the recall of verbal stimuli. Please provide references!

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    Mnemonic devices are specific devices to help memorize lists of words (Best, 2003 as cited in Sternberg, 2006). The purpose of using mnemonic devices is to add meaning to a list of items that previously may not have had any meaning. For example, one technique of mnemonic device is the use of interactive images in which words in the list are associated with the items in the list. Fpr instance, the word conjure images of the objects. For example, if one need s to remember a list with "unrelated words such as an aardvark, table, pencil, book, radio, Kansa, rain, electricity and stone and mirror", they could be remembered by generating interactive associations (Sternberg, 2006). As he explains, the person could "imagine the aardvark with a pencil in its claws and writing in a book, with rain pouring over Kansa (i.e., pictured on a map), that lands on a radio that is sitting on a stone, which generates electricity reflected in a mirror" (p. ...

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    This solution describes the technique of mnemonics used in memory recall and retrieval. It discusses hou mnemonic devices help to improve memory.