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Attentional Blink and Work Performance

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What are three occupations in which workers' performance could be adversely affected by attentional blink. In brief, what types of problems might occur?

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Pinel (2006) explains, in the process of eye moment, the eye scans a visual field to integrate information to produce perception. Awareness perception requires that the visual mechanisms of the brain be functioning properly, and have the capacity to communicate with the brains' verbal mechanisms. Brain damage can interfere with this mechanism. Attentional blink (Raymond et al, 1992 as cited in Wible, Bowman, & Niewsenstein, 2009) refers to "an apparent gap in perception that can be elicited when a second target follows a first at a temporal lag of several hundred milliseconds". Wible et al present research to suggest that the blink occurs as subjects attempt to encode "strings of stimuli". For instance, encoding information into working memory is required to interact effectively with the world. In doing so, according to Wible et all, individuals have the ability to "temporarily buffer certain information in a working memory store", because cognitive processes can continue to use stimuli that are no longer available in the environment.


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