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    Memory and Attention

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    Explain how age, culture, and gender impact attention and memory. Thank you.

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    (a) Age, Attention and Memory

    Memory involves the ability of individuals to encode and later retrieve information. Encoding are the processes through which information is stored in memory, and retrieval is that process by which information is recovered from memory for use. Attention refers to information that is noticed, and involves focusing awareness of some stimuli; and is important to the encoding of memories. For example, the significance of the relationship between learning and memory is based on studies that show learning plays an important role in memory functions. The rates of aging vary during middle adulthood, and genetic factors and lifestyle play an important role in aging. In addition, emotional changes occur as people age, and there is a shift in focus. Thus, factors associated with aging include the social environment and cognitive changes such as a decline in cognitive processes essential to memory. For instance, Craig & Lockhart (1972) suggests that forgetting occurs in older adults because some methods of encoding create more durable memory codes than others.

    (b) Culture, attention and memory

    Cultural factors such as lifestyle and language, and communication are linked with attention and memory. For example, selective attention is critical to everyday life. It influences both sensory ...

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