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Learning Strategies for Increased Attention and Memory

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What learning strategies do you think are most effective for increased attention and memory development for students with LD? Why?
What is the relationship between LD, memory, and attention? Cite appropriate research/evidence

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What learning strategies do you think are most effective for increased attention and memory development for students with LD? Why?

Through my experience with students with attention and memory challenges, I have learned that often an unconventional approach has the strongest results. Interventions aimed at addressing the neural underpinnings of memory and attention show promise and seem to help students to have sustainable results. While academic interventions and learning strategies to assist the student in obtaining results in the moment, they are often not as enduring in the long term. Below is a list of both neuro-psychological interventions as well as some academic interventions that have been shown to be effective.


1. Novelty:

By presenting new material in a unique and memorable way, information is much more likely to be retained (). One effective way of including novelty as a learning strategy is to add humor and surprise to the presentation of information. "The use of humour is shown to have both psychological and physiological effects on learners. Psychologically, it reduces stress, anxiety, enhances self-esteem and increases motivation (Berk 1998) (Johnson 2002)." This is significant because an increase in stress, in the form of Cortisol has been shown to be correlated with a decrease in memory and attention (Vedhara et al. 2000).
2. Schema: ...

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This solution of 678 words highlights several strategies which have been shown to increase memory and attention in students' learning and cognitive functioning. References used are included.

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