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Memory Strategies and Metacognition

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I need to write a paper that applies memory strategies to your daily life. Include the following:
1.A minimum of two memory strategies . Memory Strategies and Metacognition
2.Explain positive and/or negative affects/effects on daily life.
I know there are many memory strategies that apply but I would venture to say ones that involve cognition

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Cognition defined as "mental processes involved in the faculty of knowing, and is the study of how people perceive, learn, remember, and think about information (Sternberg, 2006). According to Sternberg, cognitive psychologists use various methods to study how people think and learn, and perceive the world in which they live. One important strategy related to cognition and memory is the process underlying the acquiring of language, or learning a new language. Language acquisition is focused on how memory encodes information affecting the ability to speak and/or learn a language. Based on the specific rules of language. The rules of language production consist of mechanics such as: (a) phonology (sound patterns), (b) lexicon (words and expressions), and (c) syntax [arrangement of words in a sentence] McCabe. 1989. In their study, Swanson, Orosco & Lussier (2011), present findings that suggest cognitive processes are responsible for the differences in performance between learning a new language, and persosn having cognitive deficits in efforts to learn the English language. The study revealed that differences in second language acquisition are related to language-specific phonological skills. For instance, children who are bilingual excel on tasks that require control attention when compared with monolingual persons (p. 3).

Further, Language acquisition as it is associated with memory is the production of the spoken or written words that develop from an intended message, which is then encoded into speech and meaning. Within the stages of language production, a transition occurs from a developing concept to a comprehensive, linguistic form. In other words, the fundamental skill underlying a speaker's ability to speak fluently is in the ability to retrieve information rapidly from memory words that covey some meaning (Sternberg, 2006).

(b) Metacognition

Metacognition is another area in cognition that draws from a number of different perspectives and is the study of ...

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This solution examines two memory strategies associated with cognition.