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Learning and Memory Functionalism

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Discuss the relationship between learning and memory from a functional perspective. Address why learning and memory are interdependent.

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Learning and Memory

1. There is a close relationship between learning and memory as explained by functional perspective. Learning involves conditioning particularly from a conditioned stimulus to an unconditioned stimulus. The relationship is focused on how the learning changes the the person responds. This requires memory such as breast-feeding or poison avoidance learning. For instance, the baby naturally due to instinct will latch onto the nipple for milk but a baby can conditioned not to by putting salt on the nipple, the aversive taste will create a memory for the baby not to latch on to that nipple.
See Domjan M. (2005) "Pavlovian Conditioning: A Functional Perspective
Annual Review of Psychology" Vol. 56: 179-206.

2. Historical evidence support functional perspective for the relationship of learning and memory. Studies show that learning ...

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The solution discusses how is learning and memory related from a functional perspective.

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