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Ebbinghaus and James

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The primary contribution of Herman Ebbinghaus was the emphasis on well controlled research, whereas William James' major contribution was his work on memory. Briefly compare their approaches, including their ecological validity

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Herman Ebbinghaus' pioneered a very stringent and well-disciplined approach to researching memory and its functionality that controlled for confounding variables with great detail. His pioneering research offered many now popular contributions, such as the forgetting, learning and spacing curves, among others. Unfortunately, the one primary short-fall of Ebbinghaus" research was due to its own stringency that limited its ability to analyse more sophisticated matters of memory (Fuchs, 1997).

William James" works hold an iconic status in the paradigm of psychology for both their attention to detail and counter-mechanistic view of the relationship between human emotion, cognitions and individual context. His theories on memory are essential to our modern day view of short and long term memory, which he described as primary and secondary memories. While an avid theorist, psychologist and philosopher, his works did not greatly endorse hard laboratory research, but their applicability "in the sense of generalisation to population" showed merit (James, ...

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The expert examines a contrasting analysis for respective approaches of Ebbinghaus and James.