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    Oct 2012
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    • MA, London Metropolitian University, 2007
    • BSc, London Metropolitan University & University of Derby , 2005


    • Psychology
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    Adolescent development and problems in a scenario

    The following student question was involves the analysis of a scenario and then to apply an understanding of adolescent social, cultural, and cognitive development to respond to the questions posted by the scenario. This also includes an attempt to evaluate the main problem in the scenario and then READ MORE »

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 508444

    Confidentiality in Psychology Practice

    Psychology professionals work with many different people and problems. The issues of confidentiality, release of information under HIPAA, therapy notes, and dual relationships become even more important in a clinic setting. One of the more important issues addressed in the Code is the issue of sexua READ MORE »

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 509437

    A Discussion Regarding Ethics and Relativism & Animal Rights/Welfare

    Part 1

    Ethics and Relativism

    What challenges does relativism presents to various ethical and religious viewpoints. For this, we consider a specific moral question--circumcision--which might make it difficult to accept the relativist's response.

    Part 2

    Animal Rights

    Do human beings ha READ MORE »

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 520137

    Systems Evaluation Case Study: Wadesville Community

    The query: I need to provide a detailed evaluation of the systems present in the following case study by identifying systems, analyzing the influence of cultural systems, evaluating the influence of power relations & social constructions, and contextualizing direct and indirect conflict.

    Sociology / Theoretical Framework » 506570
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