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    Film Studies

    Film studies is a subject within the arts which discusses a form of acting practiced for the “big screen”. Film studies is an academic discipline and as a field of study, the focus is not on the practice of acting, but rather on history, theory and critical analysis. The production based elements of films, such as sound and video technology, are also areas explored within this subject domain.¹

    Films are a very integral component of humanity’s visual culture. Furthermore, films act as an artistic medium of expression because they allow messages and stories to be communicated.¹ Learning how to strengthen one’s communication skills is a huge component of film studies. The film industry requires individuals with effective verbal, oral, technological and visual skills. Film can be used as a tool to translate all sorts of messages, whether they are cultural, political or environmental, for instance. Thus, thoroughly developed communication skills are essential to delivering powerful and thoughtful messages.¹

    Through time, film has expanded and generated many different genres. For example, fictional or non-fiction based stories can be classified as comedies, romantic films, horror movies, dramas or science fiction based stories, to name a few possibilities.¹ Furthermore, film also includes documentaries, television shows and reality television. In today’s society, an individual can even watch visual productions on the Internet using different programs such as YouTube.¹

    Film studies is a rather diverse field of study. An appreciation of the different elements of films, such as the aesthetics, story line, character development and ideology, can be learned.¹ Additionally, this subject area also illustrates how film is intimately related to other factors such as economics, advertising and consumption, to name a few. Film studies is a culturally important and multi-disciplinary field of study.¹



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    American Film

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    American film is used to classify movie productions developed by the American film industry.

    Film Theory

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    Film theory explores the philosophical framework surrounding different films and cinematic genres.

    Documentary Film

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    A documentary film is non-fiction and may re-tell the stories of actual individuals or detail other general stories and phenomena.

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