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Film Review Essay Peer Editing Form: now you can help yourself and your classmates!

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Have you been asked to review a film as a part of of an English, Mass Communications, or fiction and film course? Do you not have the time to let an OTA review the essay for you, or have you already had someone review your paper and now just need to give it one last going over before turning it in? If that's the case, then this form is for you!

This ten-question form is tailored specifically to essays reviewing or critiquing movies. It is designed to help you improve your own editorial skills or to allow you to exchange essays with a classmate or friend so that individual can offer objective commentary on your paper.

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Directions: Exchange papers with a classmate. Read his/her essay and answer the questions that follow completely and honestly. Make sure to sign your name under "editor" and have the writer of the paper sign under "author."

Author's name______________________________________________
Editor's name_______________________________________________

1. Does the author mention the title of the film, the main stars, and the genre of the film in the first paragraph? What's ...

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10. Overall, is the review of the film objective? That is, did it attempt to compare the film to others that were similar, and were the criteria fair and reasonable? If not, what was missing?