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Writing a university admissions essay - just one approach

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Students apply to MBA programs for a variety of personal and professional reasons. What do you hope to gain from achieving your MBA and how will it support you in your personal and professional goals in IT Global Management? Since I'm interested in global Management as a specific concentration , need to discuss in this essay.

A significant amount of the learning takes place through students sharing both inside and outside the classroom. Need to describe how my 13+ years of hands on global management experience, both personally and professionally, will benefit my classmates.

Solutions gives 11 questions that the student needs to address in responding to these and gives tips about organizing and editing the work.

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Solution Summary

This solution contains a suggested approach to writing a university admissions essay. Although written for an MBA, the approach is valid for any degree. IT IS NOT AN ACTUAL ESSAY!

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Since I don't know you, it would be difficult for me to actually write this essay for you, so I will start by posing some questions you might want to consider incorporating into your essays. From what I gather, you are pursuing an MBA on top of more than a decade of real world experience, which means that you have the benefit of that experience as you move through the curriculum AND interact with your fellow classmates. You must also know that real world experience combined with a strong education is the real gold mine. This is important because as you move through the curriculum and debate business and academic issues with your classmates, you will be able to bring your experience into that discussion. Your experience reinforces your education; your education reinforces your experience.

Here are my questions to start:

1. Had you always planned to get an MBA? Or...(see question 2)
2. What made you decide to pursue the MBA even though you had all this experience? In other words, was there some pivot point, experience, conversation or series of events that led you to believe that you 'needed' the MBA?
3. What is the educational profile of your family? Some people are born into a family of academics, others end up being ...

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