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    University Admission Polices vs. the 4th Amendment

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    Do race-conscious programs in public university admissions policies violate the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law?

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    The 4th Amendment & Diversity Admissions Program in Universities

    Since the establishment of the Equal Opportunities Commission in the 60's after the triumph of the Civil Rights movement, race-conscious programs promoting diversity and equal opportunity have also been implemented in universities to boost a more ethnically diverse population. It has become such a political issue that some universities have been very conscious in ensuring they meet the standard percentages lest they be branded prejudiced and racist. Of course, there are other criteria that must be met - grades, behaviour, performance, capacity to pay the fees, etc. Some camps say that it has come to a point where the practice has become a sort of ...

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    The solution is a concise 422-word paper that discusses whether or not race-conscious programs in public university admission policies are in violation of the 4th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law tenet. References are included to allow students venue for further research. A word version is attached for easy download & printing.