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Writing a Statement of Purpose

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Four questions I partly answered for college admission to give you a ideas my thoughts.

1. In at least 150 words describe your main academic interests, academic strengths, and academic limitations at this time. Explain any special circumstances you feel should be considered in the application process: The location and the opportunity to learn more.

2. In at least 150 words explain why you wish to study for this degree in this particular field: Knowledge is power the more you know the more marketing you become.

3. In at least 150 words explain why you have chosen Dallas Baptist University: Again the location and the history of the university.

4. In at least 150 words specify what you personally hope to accomplish during your program here: My personal best meet people in the same field I'm in.

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1) You mentioned that you desire to study at Dallas Baptist University because of the location. Mention exactly why in your essay. Is it close to your home? Church? Current place of employment? In addition, mentioning that you desire to gain more knowledge is an excellent beginning. Mention your favorite subjects in school and why you enjoyed them. In addition, mention areas that you struggle in. Not only was this mentioned in their writing prompt, but there is nothing wrong with about your limitations in an admissions essay. Nobody is perfect. If math, for example, is your weakest area, then indicate that and let them know that you are certainly willing to put your best foot forward and try your best regardless. You would, however, like to focus on your [area of academic interest] because you have a strong desire to have a future career in.

2) Let me edit your first sentence: You want to say - Knowledge is power. The more you ...

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