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    This is a critique of Ghazi Ghaith ESL article

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    I need to do a short critique of an article the relationship between forms of instruction, achievement and perceptions of classroom climate. This article is by Ghazi Ghaith and it speaks of (EFL) English as foreign languages and the perceptions of classroom climate.I need assistant in writing a problem statement, purpose statement and some research questions

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    Problem Statement
    .Found on the bottom of page 1 and the top of page 2
    Despite the importance attached to English as an academic language, considerable numbers of Lebanon's high school graduates remain largely unprepared to function in an all-English curriculum at the university level. This lack of preparedness limits the access of the limited English proficient (LEP) students to further education, as well as obstructs their academic achievement in a very major way. Consequently, there are several intensive English programmes in the country that aim to enable LEP learners to use English as an academic language in their respective fields of study at the university level.

    My comments: This is not a true problem statement, but after reviewing the entire article and the findings this is the closest I could find. This is not a dissertation, therefore all the true elements of a problem and purpose statement seem to be missing.

    Purpose Statement
    Found in the article at the top of page 2:
    The present study is based on the premise that working with others or, working independently from others, or working in competition with others, to achieve goals is one of the fundamental characteristics of human life. These three forms of positive, neutral, and negative social interdependence pervade all aspects of human endeavor, including education

    Research Questions:
    There are two research questions found in this article. (bottom of page 3 and top of page 4)
    1. Is there a statistically significant relationship between cooperative, individualistic and competitive forms of instruction, EFL achievement and learners' perceptions of classroom climate - i.e. fairness of grading, cohesion, alienation from school, and social support?
    2. Is there a ...

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    Critique of Ghazi Ghaith's ESL article and the creation of problem statements.