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How to Write an Article Critique

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The solution explains the steps to follow when writing a critique of an article. It points out when and what to summarize, points out what needs to be highlighted, and provides tips on what to include, such as: highlight the main points that were emphasized in the article, point out the weaknesses and strong points of the writer/article, etc and explains what the instructor wants to know about your observations of the article.

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When I have my students write an article critique, I want to know certain things. Did they read it, did they understand it, and do they believe it is effective. So, when I hand out guidelines, they are something like this:

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The solution explains the steps to follow when writing a critique of an article.

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Article Critique for "iPads as Literacy Teaching Tool in Early"

The assignment is for the course, "Approaches to Literacy in Early Childhood (MS in Early Childhood Education)."

The critique should address "reading/literacy" specifically. 4 pages (not including Cover and Reference)

Paper needs to have the following sections:

Introduction: Explain what the reader will find in this paper. Introduce the article—include title and authors using APA citation.

Introduce the purpose of the paper: Set up your areas of critique. What are you doing? Why? In what order?

Article Summary: Your summary should capture the who, what, when, why, and where of the article/research.

Areas of Critique: Choose 3 areas to critique. When writing a critique, establish exactly what is being critiqued as the topic sentence of a paragraph. Provide support for your argument.

Conclusion: Summarize and finalize the ideas of the paper

Reference Page: Cite the article and/or other sources using APA citation

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