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    Summarizing Complex Articles

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    How do I summarize an article in a way that will get me a good grade? What do I include and how do I write it up? Thanks.

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    A summary is an essential condensation in your own words.

    -It answers the question "what is the author really saying?"
    -It is the result of careful "listening" to the author.
    -It remains faithful to the author's emphasis and interpretation.
    -It does not disagree with or critique the author's opinions.

    How to Summarize a Paragraph

    -Read the paragraph twice.
    -Isolate the topic sentence; if it conveys reliably the meaning of the paragraph, consider it your summary.
    -Underline key phrases and look for any crucial distinctions or contrasts which form the framework of the paragraph (the ...

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    This solution explains how to summarize an article, what to include and how to write it up.


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