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    Summarizing an Article in Media Education

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    I need help with these two articles. I need short summary of main information of each study in one paragraph about 200 words. Include the following: purpose of the study, participants, method, result.

    Use the following articles:

    Korat, O., & Shamir, A. (2008). The educational electronic book as a tool for supporting children's emergent literacy in low versus middle SES groups. Computers & Education, 50(1), 110-124.

    Luik, P., & Mikk, J. (2008). What is important in electronic textbooks for students of different achievement levels?. Computers & Education, 50(4), 1483-1494.

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    Article Summaries

    How to execute this assignment:
    1. Review the questions you will answer for this assignment. For this assignment, you are asked to identify the purpose of the study. The abstract gives you a brief overview of the study. What does this abstract tell you? What information is found in the Introduction and the Results?
    What is the Purpose of the Study?
    From the Abstract
    This paper reports the findings of a study that explored which characteristics of electronic textbooks correlated with knowledge acquisition by learners of different achievement levels.

    From the Introduction:
    The aim of this study ...

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    This assignment demonstrates summarizing a research article. It highlights the essential components of a research study involving a study regarding electronic textbooks.