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    multicultural summary in classrooms

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    This job offers ideas for summarizing the following article regarding teachers and their practice of multiculturalism in their classrooms. Notes are generated to model for the student.

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    As you summarize this complex but noteworthy article, please emphasize how Banks highlights various goals, historical developments, current trends and even common teaching and educational pitfalls fallacies associated with multiethnic education. Banks then offers tips and suggestions for educational applications and reform within this important area of diversity in order to ensure equity in American education. His article offers advice but also some honest critiques of common educational practices. You might work with similar thesis ideas, as I just stated above, for your own paper.

    First of all, you might notice how Banks clearly articulates the various cognitive, academic, social, and emotional goals associated with multiethnic education. You might also use this idea as another thesis or subtopic idea.

    In turn, Banks clearly highlights academic and educational gains associated with multiethnic education. To illustrate, Banks suggests that another goal of multiethnic education is to "help students to master essential reusing, writing, and computational skills" (9). Banks then infuses race and educational theories to gain ethos. Banks asserts that ethnicity is a "salient part of American life and culture" (6) and recommends that it encompasses American education. Banks uses examples from Anglo American lifestyles as well as minority scenarios to augment his arguments. By citing goals of multiethnic education such as "to provide students with cultural and ethnic alternatives" (7), Banks contrasts this nation with Anglo-centric ramifications and goals. Banks then exposes the harmful effects of Anglo-centric curriculums, thus reinforcing the need for multiethnic education and reform in America.

    Besides educational goals, Banks' article also demonstrates the affective implications of ...

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    This job models a multicultural summary on education.