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    Making the Classroom Safe

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    Young children come from diverse families and diverse social groups. The classroom should be a place where children feel safe and comfortable. How will you provide support for your students in your classroom?

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    Students come from a variety of backgrounds, have varying social, developmental, and educational needs. Even back before the year 2000, it was anticipated that more than 30 percent of the U.S. population will have a racial- or ethnic-minority background (Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs, 1995). If those same children were then evenly distributed across the nation's classrooms, a hypothetical class of 30 children would have 10 students from racial- or ethnic-minority groups; and further subdividing them, of those 10, six children would belong to families for whom English is not the home language, and two to four children would have limited English proficiency (National Center for Research on ...

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    This solution discusses how to make classrooms safe. It discusses how support can be provided to students in a classroom to make them feel comfortable. The explanation is given in 385 words with one reference.