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    Strategies for Classroom Management

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    Write a reflection paper (avoiding personal pronouns), describing § how you understand or make sense of the topic § the topic characteristics § applications of the topic concepts, knowledge, and skills · Include how you anticipate the effects of the topic on you as a future teacher I decided to write about decision making in the classroom.

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    No two days in a classroom are alike, even if one were to teach the same grade for multiple years in the same room. A teacher is awarded a teaching certificate and even with all the required classes and extra training NOTHING can prepare a teacher with what comes up on a day to day basis. For that reason, with the use of state standards, lesson plans, parent and staff meetings and other reasonable preparation, solutions can be more streamline.

    Issues that can be more complicated and uncomfortable are with the involvement of other people. For example, when a child gets hurt, does a quick consoling satisfy the issue? Does the teacher fill out a document? Will a document simply be kept in her file or handed in? If it is handed in, does it reflect poorly on the teacher, in terms of lack of responsibility? Was the responsibility really that of someone else? Was the injury on the playground, when another teacher was on duty and failed to get involved? If so, how are the politics affected?

    While one might argue that asking questions is not necessarily addressing THE QUESTION, in actuality the questions are the answers. Classroom rules should be developed that address every conceivable issue that will arise. It is impossible to KNOW ALL THAT ...

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    Posting of rules and anticipating all possible things that could happen in the classroom are discussed.