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    Lisa Johnson

    Jun 2003
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    • BSc, Central Michigan University, 1983
    • MSA, Central Michigan University, 1985
    • Teacher Certification, Concordia University, 1998


    • Health Sciences
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    • Biology

    About Lisa Johnson

    Lisa has worked with infants through students in higher education. She has professional teacher certification and has taught in six USA states. With her endorsements in biology, science, physical education, SEI and gifted she has extra insights and experience to help you with your project, assignment or program. She has authored books, professional publications and newsletters which have had worldwide circulation. Finally, in addition to her Masters of Science in Administration, this expert has experience working in supervision, curriculum design and is the founder of a non-profit corporation. She has worked in private, public and charter schools as well as with students in BIE and home-school settings. Lisa has been a grade level SEI/ELL teacher and has worked with students with a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Additionally, this expert has worked in public health departments and health institutions with her public health education degree and background. With her hands-on experience and knowledge of different learning styles, she is here to help you get the job done!

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    Discussing a rising concept in healthcare delivery

    Write a detailed discussion that addresses the following:

    a) Describe the components of a healing hospital and their relationship to spirituality.
    b) What are the challenges of creating a healing environment in light of the barriers and complexities of the hospital environment?
    c) Include any b READ MORE »

    Health Sciences / Health Care Management / Health Systems and Policy » 302191

    The Value of Professional Organizations for Nurses

    Explain how nurse leaders use professional organizations to stay informed of political actions in the nursing and health care industry.

    Discuss importance of maintaining awareness of political actions related to the nursing and health care industry.

    Health Sciences / Health Care Disciplines / Nursing » 373458

    Health care scenario

    Scenario Summary - Cooper-Pearson Sports Marketing

    Cooper-Pearson is a very successful sports marketing company with 75 employees. It has been in existence for 10 years, and clearly has a bright future. One of the fundamental reasons for Cooper-Pearson? s phenomenal growth has been an investm READ MORE »

    Health Sciences / Health Care Management » 367796

    Eating disorders

    I'm looking for help in doing this essay. Some of the things that need to be included are:

    What are some of the health problems associated with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder?

    Explain, from a physiological standpoint, how eating disorders may lead to health proble READ MORE »

    Health Sciences / Topics in Health and Wellness / Nutrition Science » 171528

    Is there a surplus of physicians in the United States?

    Is there a surplus of physicians in the United States?

    What is the likely long-term impact of the influx of IMGs into the US healthcare system?

    Why is the lack of minority representation in the U.S. health profession such a compelling problem for health policy makers?

    Health Sciences / Issues in Health Care Delivery » 162969
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