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    Family Law

    In an ideal world, no-one would divorce, no will would be contested and no spouse or child would live with domestic abuse. Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world and, as such, many of us need family law.

    Discounting the Vatican, the sole country with no formal procedural law for divorce is the Philippines (as of 2014) [1]. All other countries include some legal way to dissolve the bonds of matrimony and, more recently, legal stipulations placed on common law couples or resulting from cohabitation agreements. Although mediators are used and many attempts are made to settle the splitting of property and children between the divorcing spouses outside courts, these proceedings can be messy and it is not uncommon for a judge to be involved. In fact, in Canada during 2010/11 these such cases made up more than one third of the total cases falling under family law [2] with around a quarter of them taking over two years to finalize [3]. The time taken for divorce cases brought to court can stretch depending on a number of factors such as contesting the filing, fault, alimony, property division and child custody, so it is often highly preferable to settle outside court with independant lawyers.

    Lenin St., Surgut, Russia

    Image Credit: Lenin St., Surgut, Russia by Mariluna

    Russia has the highest divorce rate of 5 divorces per 1000 people according to the 2010 United Nations Demographic Yearbook [4].

    Other sorts of family law issues include paternity suits, the setting and enforcing of child support, adoption and fosters, the enactment of wills after a death, domestic abuse and elder law (long-term care regulations, powers of attorney, end of life issues, etc.).



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    Please help with the following problem involving rights and obligations: What happens when one party to a case is represented by any attorney, what are the paralegals obligations to the unrepresented party during litigation? I would assume that this is a conflict of interest.

    Affordable Healthcare Act

    I am looking for some researching help about the Affordable Healthcare Act (or commonly known as Obamacare) and its effects on families/family law. I need sufficient research materials to write a 12-page paper. I need to find supporting evidences for effect of the Affordable Healthcare Act on family law both positively and negat

    Identify and Discuss Tort Actions that may Arise in Relation to Family Law

    Can you help me with these questions? A father shows his minor son pornography and sexually abuses him. Can the son bring a tort action against his father? Dave knows that he has contagious herpes, but does not tell Alice, who contracts the disease from Dave. Can Alice sue Dave for battery? For intentional infliction of em

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    Name 2 different juvenile justice programs that are currently being implemented today in large cities and rural towns. Compare and describe each of the programs. Provide details on the goals of each program. State the effectiveness and/or failures of each program. what program do you think is more effective. Suggest impro

    Parenting Plans by Jurisdiction

    Below is the assignment copied from my school. I am just looking for help finding the California law that applies to this. I cannot determine if California requires a parenting plan. Determine how the courts of your state of residence (California) view parenting plans. In a well-written memo, set forth the law of your jurisdi

    Family Violence Case Study

    The police finally caught up with Robert. They arrested him, charged him with aggravated assault with the intent to kill and child sexual assault, and, given the publicity in the case, held him without bond. They also notified Alice of Robert's arrest in the hopes that she would finally decide to stay in town and testify at his

    Family Violence - Officer Keeping His Job

    Tony has been a police officer for 19 years, knows the law, and is aware of mandatory arrest policies in his state, regarding domestic violence. But Tony is of the old school and believes that couples should resolve their own problems in whatever way they see fit and not utilize public resources. He also believes that it is a ma

    Stalking and Domestic Violence in Michigan

    Alice pressed charges for domstic violence against her now ex-spouse Robert. Despite the charges, Robert is still and large and Alice is frightened. Although she has the locks changed shortly after her release from the hospital, she recently returns home to find a black rose on the kitchen counter. She receives threatening notes

    Criminal Neglect and Financial Exploitation

    Jason was 82 years old. He retired from his job at age 65 to care for his chronically ill wife. After her death five years ago, Jason became increasingly home bound and interacted little with the outside world. One of his children, Carol, phoned regularly to ensure he was all right and being cared for. Another child, Terri, live

    Family Violence - Stalking

    Sandra was married to Gavin at age 18. Their first child was born within a year after the wedding. Gavin was not physically abusive at first. He displayed extreme jealousy, however, and would often visit Sandra's place of employment to ensure she was at work and to establish a presence to let the men working with Sandra know tha

    Family Violence - Elder Abuse and Neglect

    Agnes is 88. Although she has three adult children and eight adult grandchildren, they all live in different states; therefore, she lives alone. Agnes's daughter Laura tried at one time to put Agnes in an assisted living center, but Agnes insisted she was quite capable of taking care of herself. Further, she stated, she had been

    Domestic and Family Violence

    On this case, Alice recovered sufficiently to give her own account of the incident. She recounted that this was not an isolated incident of battering. Her husband, Robert, progressively worsened with time. She stated that she called the police twice, but they did not do anything. This was despite the fact that she made it clear

    Rape and Sexual Assault

    Please help answer the following questions. What are the dynamics behind rape? What is the definition of rape and what drives it? Include examples, statistics and reasons why rape is wrong. Discuss how different forms of rape or sexual assault differ and what they have in common. What is the differences between male

    Family Violence and Consequences Over 550 word essay with reference.

    In a case that rocked the small town where you live to its very foundation, a five year-old girl, Serena, phoned 911 to report her mommy was asleep on the floor and there was blood all over the place. The little girl tried to wake her mother up before she made the call, but her mother "would not wake up." Serena did not know whe

    Family Violence and Law

    Nancy's husband, Richard, terrorizes her. She is isolated. Richard does not allow Nancy to communicate with friends or family. He does not allow her an automobile. She only goes shopping when she is with Richard, who also controls all the money. Richard continually puts her down, calling her names to humiliate her, is hypercriti

    Institutionalization for Young Offenders

    Institutionalization is a painful process for most youthful offenders. Analyze and discuss at least three of the most troubling aspects of juvenile institutionalization.

    An overview of the juvenile justice system

    Complete the following: -An overview of the juvenile justice system. -A point-by-point comparison between juvenile and adult courts. -The adjudication process by which a juvenile is transferred to the adult court system. -The implications of the following for youthful offenders: -The trend of increasing the use of waiver

    Equitable Estoppel Departments

    Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Department, New York. In the Matter of ETTORE I. (Anonymous), Respondent, v. ANGELA D. (Anonymous), et al., Appellants. March 30, 1987. Paternity proceeding was brought by alleged father who claimed that child was conceived during his adulterous affair with child's mother. The F

    Legal Concerns for a Heart Condition

    A heart condition forced 25-year-old Susan to undergo a tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy, which could have resulted in her death and the death of the fetus. Both Susan and her husband Bob had planned to have a large family and have tried to adopt through various foreign adoption agencies, so far without success. They believe

    Counter-Analysis of Child Support Case

    Mr. Johnson is a business manager for a large company. He has been ordered to pay $3,000 per month child support based on a net income of $6,000 per month. He has decided to change careers, due to increased stress. His income has now gone down to $3,000 per month. Your supervisor feels the judge will not lower Mr. Johnson's supp

    Shorthand/broad statement

    Draft a shorthand/broad statement of the issueâ??s presented.. Definition of Shorthand/broad statement: A broad formulation of the issue that usually does not include reference to the specific facts of the case or the applicable law. A. Key Facts: A will is handwritten. One half is in the testatorâ??s handwriting, and t

    Character letter for immigration

    I have to write a character letter for a person who has an immigration interview coming up soon. Can you please provide me with a sample character letter explaining good morale and the correct format that it should be in. Any information would help greatly. Thank You.

    Attractive Nuisance Doctrine and Minnesota Law

    Attractive Nuisance Doctrine: The Cookes have a private swimming pool in their backyard within a 5' wooden fence and gate that is closed with a latch at the top. The family next door (Anderson) have a 2-year old son, who has played in the pool before and enjoys splashing with the Cookes' dog who spent most of his time within

    Juvenile Offenders Behaviors

    Who are considered juveniele offenders and what behaviors show as possible indicators of becoming an offender? What are the different types of juvenile offenders and what behaviors show that they may be offenders?

    What are the different types of juvenile offenders?

    What are the different types of juvenile offenders? What behaviors have been noted as being indicative of the likelihood of a juvenile becoming an offender? Relate the risk behaviors to the types of offenders.

    key facts and backgrounds

    A person has used a common law name on bank accounts and mail and a birth name on social security, driver's license and fishing and hunting licenses. Marriage license and divorce papers are also in the birth name. Is the name change "only background" to the divorce case and a key fact only in the name change case? How can som