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Family Violence - Officer Keeping His Job

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Tony has been a police officer for 19 years, knows the law, and is aware of mandatory arrest policies in his state, regarding domestic violence. But Tony is of the old school and believes that couples should resolve their own problems in whatever way they see fit and not utilize public resources. He also believes that it is a man's prerogative to rule his private domain and that sometimes wives need to be "put in their place."

Tony himself is not against using force to put his own wife, Barbara, "in her place." But one day, Barbara cannot take the battering any longer, and she calls up Tony's supervising officer to report the abuse. Tony is relieved of duty- and his weapons - pending an investigation. He is subsequently arrested, tried, and convicted on misdemeanor charges of spouse battering. Because it is his first offense, Tony receives probation. But when he returns to the department to resume his position, he finds he no longer has a job because under the Lautenberg Amendment he lost his right to carry a gun.

Do you believe Tony should be allowed to carry a gun and keep his job? If yes, why? If not, what options does he have? Justify your responses. How does the Gun Control Act of 1968 apply here?
Use refernces/cite sources.

350 word essay with references

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I feel Tony should not be able to carry a weapon which has a direct impact on his position as a police officer. If I were his immediate supervisor I would be concerned with his ability to make rational decisions should he have to investigate other domestic violence cases or any criminal act at that. Tony has allowed his personal beliefs (right or wrong) to impact his ability to carry out laws and ordinances in accordance with his professional position. Additionally, I don't feel he should be allowed any position with the agency based on the fact that he committed a crime that is written in legislation by abusing his spouse. If the agency allows him to ...

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Scenario based question and essay that reviews the cycle of violence and family violence. The scenario reviews as case in which an officer is charged and convicted of family violence as it was found that he battered his spouse. This reviews the legislative actions the govern whether or not the officer can maintain his job or whether the agency should terminate his employment.

350 word essay with references

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